Translation of concord in Spanish:


concordia, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒŋkɔːd//ˈkɑŋˌkɔrd/


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    concordia feminine
    • Also while there is possibly a game to made about high level peace concords (press x to concede demands for territory. o to hold out for arms concessions) these are FPS, & therefore shooting kind of goes with the territory.
    • Speculation regarding the probable attitude of the Harding Administration toward a peace concord of nations was revived today by a long conference between Elihu Root, former Secretary of State, and Senator Fall.
    • The common-sense centrists, the idealistic environmentalists and the blue-rinse wranglers had a rare moment of political concord.
    • Unperturbed, he pressed ahead with a policy of reconciliation, drawing up a civil concord whereby armed groups would be amnestied if they laid down their arms.
    • On Sudan, are we not uplifted by the prospect of peace and concord between our brothers in that country?
    • ‘The purpose of religion as revealed from the heaven of God's holy Will is to establish unity and concord amongst the peoples of the world,’ Madison said.
    • ‘We Americans,’ President Harding has just said, ‘are united in the sweetest concord that ever united men.’
    • He was now hoping for a rapprochement with Shia Iraqis, a concord that I think is unlikely.
    • And thus toleration produced not only mutual indulgence, but even religious concord.
    • The dancers, who appear in association with the bridal procession represented on the far left of the cityscape, are surely to be taken as signs of peace and concord.
    • The concord represents a paradigm shift, and will accelerate regional integration and identity-building.
    • His marriage to Anne (his second cousin once removed) in 1683 sealed a diplomatic concord between their respective kingdoms against the Dutch.
    • With the marine living resources concord completed, the Antarctic Treaty consultative parties looked to the need to regulate mining and oil-drilling.
    • Where humour and rational explanations do not produce concord about judicial activism, a parable may make the point.
    • The decision was motivated by the lack of cohesion and concord between the MPs of NMSII and the regional governors, State Administration Minister Dimitar Kalchev said.
    • The meeting to establish this concord between cross-border ‘friends’ is believed to have taken place in Murray's house and involved both men.
    • Those were not moments of great concord, so I don't know how to answer for those decisions.
    • It will be a government that will work by cohesion, concord and peace.
    • The Spanish daily El Pais also said the commemorations provided ‘a moment of concord and relief ‘between Paris and Washington.’
    • Du Roullet and Gluck go further: the divinity arbitrarily revokes her wrath, to preserve the alliances and the concord among the Greeks.
    • The concord was proposed by the academics who form the so-called ‘track two’ of the ARF process, and also by Russia in the mid-1990s.
    • United your resolve, united your hearts, may your spirits be at one, that you may long together dwell in unity and concord!
    • The two companies had regularly sniped at each other throughout their 30-year rivalry, but the 1992 concord was something of a sacred cow.
    • Zia's death did not necessarily mean Islamabad would abide by the American-Soviet / Russian concord to leave Afghanistan neutral and prostrate.
    • It's got chocolate biscuits, it's got charity, it's got concord, it's got a hero who's half the man he was.
    • A move to Cyprus would be in concord with the current realignment of the US presence in Europe, from Germany to eastern Europe, while maintaining the primary focus of military operations on the Middle East.
    • Highlighting the van Eyck brothers' role in a landmark concord between rival schools, Cornelius buries all reference to artisanal secrecy.
    • The Agreement is a political concord aimed at bringing to an end over a quarter of a century of bitter internal hostility in Northern Ireland.
    • In keeping with most instances of political ceremony and ritual, the new themes of universality, harmony, and concord were as much designed to conceal and mask political tension as they were genuine reflections of the papal vision.
    • Plato represents this position as one in which the soul's parts agree and are in harmony and concord.
    • Agreeing or disagreeing with particular policies is for private discussion, and perhaps public demonstration, but should not pollute the rituals of concord.
    • Scientific temper is his watchword, education his mission, communal concord his theme and tolerance his telling weapon.
    • Book 1 establishes the ratios of concords and melodic intervals, and divisions of tetrachords in each genus.
    • The programme also assumes that there is something prior to music, some experience ruling it: music's discords are as if distress, concords as if relief.
    • On the words ‘No sense was stung’ the minim triads again banish the clumping quavers, though this time the triads are no simple concords, but a dominant seventh of E major followed by an F triad that is simultaneously major and minor.
    • This article examines the historical evolution of subject - verb concord in New Zealand English.
    • It was a point of grammatical concord which was at the bottom of the Civil War - ‘United States are,’ said one, ‘United States is,’ said another.
    • Verbal affixes can further be divided into two subgroups: those that are part of verb concord, and those that are not.
    • A method of tuning in which some concords are made slightly impure so that few or none will be unpleasantly out of tune.
    • As you will know, the students of harmony make the same sort of mistake as the astronomers: they waste their time in measuring audible concords and sounds one against another…
    • Notional concord stands in contrast to grammatical concord and means agreement by meaning rather than grammar, where the two are in conflict.
    • The indicative verb form differs from the others in varying for tense and aspect, and in showing grammatical concord with the subject in the present tense.
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