Translation of concuss in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kənˈkəs//kənˈkʌs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be concussed sufrir una conmoción (cerebral) / una concusión
    • Nixon's dialogue is slightly concussed, and peppered with haw-haw, blue-collar cliché.
    • The stretcher's on, and he looks like he's concussed.
    • We thought he was concussed but his mum told me not to let him go to sleep so I kept talking to him.
    • If she could concuss him, then she might just buy herself some time to escape.
    • He was severely concussed and drifting in and out of consciousness.
    • His neck was broken, he was concussed and his face was cut in several places.
    • The blow to his head must have concussed him, for he saw two middle-aged women straighten up and walk briskly to the I.V. unit.
    • When we took Jake to hospital after he collapsed we just thought he was concussed.
    • Great bustards weigh rather more than quail, and when the first hunter was concussed the reaction was one of panic, and swift running for shelter.
    • Sgt Glyn White, of Hampshire police, said: ‘The victim was concussed and suffered severe bruising.’
    • She was badly concussed but there are no broken bones and they are just keeping her in overnight for observation.
    • Or maybe I thought it was petrol fumes because I was concussed.
    • Overall, the findings of this study suggest a delay of cognitive recovery beyond the 1st day following injury in mildly concussed high school athletes.
    • Leitch was concussed after taking a knock to the head and Clarkson's twisted ankle will keep him out for a week at least.
    • Doctors have said that you are much more likely to be concussed if you have had a concussion or neck trauma in the past.
    • Had he been concussed he would have been stood down for an automatic six days.
    • Slim was captured during the Battle of Kapyong after he was concussed by enemy shelling.
    • The injury to the back of his head may have stunned or concussed him but was not responsible for his death.
    • Someone told him his dad was just concussed before taking him home.
    • Medical staff concluded he was concussed but there was no lasting brain damage.