Translation of concussion in Spanish:


conmoción cerebral, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈkʌʃ(ə)n//kənˈkəʃən/


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    conmoción cerebral feminine
    concusión feminine
    • The other fighters shook from the concussion waves as their pilots looked in shock at the two fireballs.
    • For several tense moments there were answering concussions from deep within the earth that echoed and reverberated, until at last, all became still.
    • We heard the sound of weapons fire, then heard the sound and felt the concussion of the stun grenade going off.
    • Unfortunately, this is action without tension, explosions without the concussion.
    • These are signs of concussion and will need medical treatment.
    • Paramedics attended the scene and she was taken to Blackburn Royal Infirmary suffering from concussion.
    • The blast concussion hit him hard in the back, knocking the wind out of him even before the ground rushed up to smack him in the face.
    • He was taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from concussion.
    • Jack was thrown forward by the concussion of the blast, and then sucked back as all the air in the ship was sucked into space.
    • He was taken to the Great Western Hospital with mild concussion from the force of the blows.
    • Mother did not sustain any serious injury and the assertion of mild concussion is over-stated.
    • He was suffering from concussion after leaving Sligo hospital on December 29.
    • Then came a flash and the concussion of an explosion.
    • The development of a better understanding of mild concussion is important for several reasons.
    • Both sisters described a nightmarish existence inside the city where fighters controlled many areas, food and medicine were often in short supply, and the thumping concussions of US bombs had become a daily reality.
    • The injuries weren't too bad - a broken wrist, a couple of nose bleeds and some mild concussion.
    • Three distinct concussions had shaken the airframe.
    • The site of the collision had a small crater in it, consistent with a powerful concussion explosion.
    • Perhaps the most important predictor of concussion is a history of prior concussion.
    • Fortunately, concussion or fracture was rare, occurring in only 21 cases, but the need for vigilance is clear.
    • Thunderous night air raids on nearby Naples Harbor were becoming a regular thing and the tracers, explosions and bomb concussions made a violent show which we watched from the roof of our building.
    • It was only later that night that she began to suffer from concussion and nausea.
    • Six more pensioners were treated for minor injuries including cuts, bruises and mild concussion.
    • I saw the flash of fire, felt the concussion, and for a moment I thought I would start screaming.
    • We diagnosed concussion from a crash landing or some pre-existing neurological disorder.
    • The broad palms of his tail are flirted high in the air; then smiting the surface, the thunderous concussion resounds for miles.
    • The movie begins with the crash, a violent concussion that leaves most of the crew and passengers dead.
    • This performance pattern has been described in prior studies of concussion.
    • The storm shrank, a concussion spreading through the air as a great deal of gas became a much smaller volume of solid.
    • A ring of heat flung out around the soldier, the concussion knocking Zem off his feet and slamming him into a house.
    • Unless he's staying overnight because of that mild concussion we're back to sharing a room.
    • The vice chancellor is suffering from mild concussion after hitting his head on a tree branch earlier on the day of our interview.
    • Firstly, Mathew suffered mild concussion after being attacked by a swan.
    • Her daughter was behaving oddly but she shrugged it off as a symptom of head concussion.
    • Behind him, he could feel the concussion of the blast shake his aircraft as the load exploded on the rear tanks of the column.
    • Their coaches were less convinced of the benefit and believed that headgear led to more cases of concussion.
    • The traversing turrets, as well as the gun blast concussions, could knock a man off.
    • Sunday's 9.0 magnitude megaquake under the Indian Ocean shot concussions of water on to coastlines from Indonesia to Somalia, drowning thousands.
    • They were lucky to escape with only mild concussion and bruising.
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    (impact, violent shaking)
    sacudida feminine