Translation of condemn in Spanish:


condenar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈdɛm//kənˈdɛm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(sentence)

      he was condemned to death lo condenaron / fue condenado a muerte
      • they were condemned to a life of poverty estaban condenados a vivir en la miseria
      • the condemned cell la celda de los condenados a muerte
      • the condemned man el condenado a muerte

    • 1.2(censure)

      • A decade ago Greenpeace Canada was roundly condemned by unionists and social justice groups when they fired a number of workers who were trying to organize the canvass office.
      • But it has been roundly condemned by hoteliers, pub owners, restaurant owners and petrol forecourt owners across Scotland.
      • The basic requirement is the implementation of the report into the fire service, delivered by Sir George Bain last week and roundly condemned by Gilchrist and the FBU.
      • This man is the first to become a casualty of a new Australian plan to discourage smoking: a plan that has been condemned by its critics as ‘moral fascism’.
      • What violence there was has been roundly and rightly condemned by everyone from Scotland's First Minister Jack McConnell to Geldof himself.
      • Anti-racism campaigners last night condemned the ‘vile’ website, while psychologists warned parents to keep a close eye on what their children viewed on the internet.
      • But you may remember that Israel was roundly condemned when they went into Lebanon in a preemptive strike in 1982.
      • HE HAS survived two recent assassination attempts and been roundly condemned within his own country for the American-led war on Iraq.
      • Margaret Davey has been roundly condemned for her opposition to the plan (down with free speech and all that).
      • The killing of innocent civilians by suicide bombers must be roundly condemned.
      • Failure by the political parties to address the vital insurance issue in their election manifestos has been roundly condemned by the Construction Industry Federation.
      • Needless to say, Rampersad was roundly condemned and his plan is probably gathering dust somewhere in the archives.
      • The winning design, by a largely unknown architect, was roundly condemned while initial estimates of how much the building was going to cost proved to be completely wrong.
      • Vandals who interfere with life-saving equipment at beaches and amenity facilities around the county have been roundly condemned by members of Mayo County Council.
      • This was roundly condemned as there was no justification for ZPA to oppose the idea and Zamtel fought and won its case at Government level.
      • Finnie's decision to reject an organic action plan has been widely condemned.
      • Campaigners have condemned the Government's plans, with non-food pubs exempt from restrictions, as ‘half measures’.
      • Bayern have been roundly condemned for paying him 6.3 million up front to ensure he joined them.
      • All such diabolic, yet cowardly actions must be severely condemned, censured and deterred with steeled resolve and equally resolute counteraction.
      • Mike Watson is accused of breaking ministerial code after condemning Executive plans to shake up Glasgow hospitals.

  • 2

    • 2.1(declare unusable)

      (building) declarar ruinoso
      (meat/food product) declarar no apto para el consumo
      • PTA vice president Bissoondath Goorcharan said the Ministry of Health condemned the building several months ago.
      • Full weight must be given to the consequence of goods being forfeited and condemned as forfeited.
      • How do I know that my property has been condemned?
      • An investigation by a South Yorkshire environmental health team which revealed condemned meat was being siphoned back into the food chain is to feature on TV.
      • A host of international covenants and national laws already condemn and outlaw trafficking, and that is good.
      • Parents fighting for a new nursery at a Keighley school fear children whose classroom has been condemned will be forced into a corridor next term.
      • Condemned buildings are common to explorers but are a hazard and can cause trouble for some.
      • The bridge was immediately closed, and a second opinion sought before it was officially condemned.
      • Including the cost of repairing, replacing or renewing any defective part or parts condemned solely in consequence of the discovery therein during the period of this policy of a latent defect.
      • After a month of operations, only two of the eight original aircraft were still operational, and even they were eventually condemned as unfit for service.
      • We will argue that courts should award full fair market value for property condemned by government and that such value must not be lowered.
      • Gardai operate at present from premises at Walsh Street in the town that have been roundly condemned for years past.
      • Read about how to buy condemned properties or a fixer-upper and make it worth your time and money.
      • They can take a buyout package and get out of the way of the bulldozers, or wait for the city to condemn their property and force them out.
      • Now the plan has been shelved but the clinic, which has to vacate its current premises after they were condemned by health and safety inspectors, still needs to find a new home.
      • In their opinion, the justices noted that state legislatures are free to pass laws that bar officials from condemning property for private development.

    • 2.2(in US: convert to public use)

      (building) (por causa de utilidad pública) expropiar