Translation of condensed in Spanish:


condensado, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈdɛnst//kənˈdɛnst/


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    • After about two minutes add two cans of condensed beef consommé with enough water to bring it to about 3 cups of liquid.
    • In addition to cheese, the plant manufactures fractionated whey products, sweet cream, whey cream, condensed whey and water.
    • It tasted like there was some condensed tomato soup in there.
    • Sales of condensed soups in those familiar red cans have stagnated.
    • Add condensed soup and half-and-half or milk to the bowl with the stuffing mixture in the bowl; stir to blend.
    • Condensed soups are pretty much just cans of flavour.
    • It's a condensed sauce of peas, stock, garlic and seasonings that can be frozen and then made into soups.