Translation of condescending in Spanish:


condescendiente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑndəˈsɛndɪŋ//kɒndɪˈsɛndɪŋ/


  • 1

    (smile/tone) condescendiente
    he's very condescending tiene una actitud muy condescendiente
    • to be condescending to / toward(s) sb tratar a algn con condescendencia
    • To be sure, the condescending attitude of the promoters of the project was no help to their cause.
    • And if that weren't bad enough, a picture intended to make Stern's condescending message unmistakably clear accompanies the article.
    • And therefore, one has either to ditch the condescending attitude to the electorate, or the social democracy.
    • Traders at Thursday's meeting were infuriated by what they described as the condescending attitude of the council's deputy leader and its director of planning.
    • I still find their attitude to us condescending and disgraceful.
    • It was because that group poses a threat to the Maori vote that is now currently held by a Government that treats that vote in a condescending, patronising manner.
    • But nothing could be more patronising and condescending than his own view that being a farm labourer is an inadequate occupation.
    • Miller, a middle-aged man with gray blonde hair and a compassionate face, didn't appreciate the condescending attitude of this upstart kid!
    • It turns out that nearly everyone, Japanese or otherwise, is a philistine in the condescending and rather snobbish world view of the film.
    • Most essays include the condescending attitudes of a society that views them as dirty, stupid, invisible or sexually available.
    • He evaluates the host culture from his own perspective and approaches it with a condescending or even contemptuous attitude.
    • Even when youth activism is accepted it is usually in a condescending or patronizing manner when older and more experienced organizers run and co-opt youth efforts.
    • Some faculty members seem to express a condescending, at times almost disdainful, attitude.
    • One deals with the devastation to individuals and families; the other with the condescending attitude Western nations have towards developing ones.
    • I had been avoiding calls from her lately because she always seemed to have this condescending attitude toward the way that I'd been changing.
    • Often times, I believe that these condescending attitudes are at least partly due to misconceptions about Christianity.
    • I kept expecting him to talk with a snotty, British accent and be very condescending to people.
    • Even the Indians, towards whom some of my fellow countrymen have a condescending attitude, made strenuous efforts to revive the long-dead language of Sanskrit.
    • Our schools are only just recovering from the condescending attitude that we ought to expect worse standards from the poor.
    • At a makeshift relief camp in Nagappattinam, India, refugees complained about what they view as the condescending attitude of relief workers.