Translation of conditional in Spanish:


condicional, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l//kənˈdɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    (agreement/acceptance) condicional
    (acceptance/agreement) con condiciones
    to be conditional on / upon sth estar condicionado / supeditado a algo
    • she made the offer conditional on their accepting certain changes hizo la oferta con / bajo la condición de que aceptaran ciertos cambios
    • The council has given conditional support to a referendum, but has expressed concern over a number of issues.
    • Months of hard work and dedication paid off when literature lover Jane, 37, was given a conditional offer to study English at Harris Manchester College, which caters for mature students.
    • It said that ‘crucially’ students with underestimated grades did ‘not receive the conditional offers that they merit’.
    • Richmond council recently gave its conditional support to a soil treatment project in our city.
    • A further 20 students have received conditional offers.
    • These conditional drug company offers have angered AIDS groups.
    • He also offered conditional support to the June summit.
    • When asked about his views on the canal he declined even conditional support, listing numerous hurdles required to be overcome before approval would be considered for federal funding.
    • It was agreed by the meeting for the clerk to proceed with the conditional offer made to rent the Pound for a period of two years with the proviso that the old tin shed could be removed.
    • On the other hand, with the organic view of self, the transformational leader puts more value on interdependence, conditional autonomy and meeting social obligations toward others.
    • But this support is clearly conditional and tenuous, even if that's never explicitly stated by either party.
    • Legal sources have expressed mixed views over the true meaning of the company's conditional offer to meet future claims, with some on the union side now extremely sceptical.
    • It may be permitted subject to a conditional use permit (meaning you have to meet certain additional criteria before you build or remodel), or it may not be allowed at all.
    • Those offenders will be offered conditional cautions in future, meaning they will escape prosecution but must agree to co-operate with rehabilitation projects.
    • She had a conditional offer from art school but deliberately sabotaged her exams.
    • This conditional offer became known as ‘the pocket,’ as it was placed in Warren Christopher's pocket.
    • Although only aged 12 and 13, the children will receive conditional offers of university places in the city which are dependent on their subsequent academic performance.
    • Mr. Hood said at the time the consortium made their bid too late and it was a conditional offer.
    • The healthcare professional, who has been offered a conditional post, will begin working in the county from January 2005.
    • Essex County Council, which owns the building, has given a conditional offer of financial help, worth about £90,000, to the campaigners.
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    (sentence) condicional
    • God's promise of the Land of Israel to the Jews has its unconditional clause and its conditional clause.
    • And she puts it in a conditional clause, which makes a difference.
    • Marriage vows don't include a conditional fulfillment clause.
    • Somehow that conditional clause seemed to drop away from most of the press reports.
    • As indicated above, this is an argument with conditional clauses all of which are debatable.


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    the conditional el condicional / potencial
    • The grammar of the lyrics uses what is called the conditional.
    • In this learn Spanish grammar lesson, we review the Spanish conditional tense and how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the conditional.
    • Romanian uses an analytic construction for the conditional.