Translation of conditioner in Spanish:


acondicionador, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈdɪʃ(ə)nər//kənˈdɪʃ(ə)nə/


  • 1also hair conditioner

    acondicionador masculine
    enjuague masculine Latin America
    suavizante masculine Spain
    bálsamo masculine Chile
    • Ideally you want manure from horses bedded on straw, since the straw soaks up urine and rots down with the manure to produce a great conditioner.
    • When this material is used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner, the dilution of the manure with the litter material should be considered.
    • With diesels it's important the radiator fluid had a conditioner added at the right service interval.
    • They also had the likes of Kevin Ward and Apollo Perelini, who is their conditioner now.
    • Water softeners and conditioners work in different ways, but neither will have much effect on removing scale from a central heating system.
    • For the interior, use a leather or vinyl conditioner.
    • Speaking of mulch, apply a thick layer of organic compost, steer manure or redwood soil conditioner to improve soil throughout the garden.
    • We get bromine from pesticides, dough conditioners, and from disinfectants for water in hot tubs and commercial spas.
    • For cost-effective moisturizers and nail conditioners, he might consider products originally designed for the farm.
    • After washing and drying the item is complete, rub a good leather conditioner into the fabric.
    • Motorists should use a gas line antifreeze and fuel conditioners for vehicles with diesel engines.
    • These are used in detergents, flour conditioners, some pharmaceuticals and meat tenderizers.
    • I use a tap water conditioner that removes chlorine (breaks the chlorine bond) and detoxifies heavy metals.
    • Thomas, 34 today, has been involved in just three games since re-joining York as their conditioner at the start of the season.
    • Use bonfire ash as a conditioner for heavy soil; it adds potash to help fruit and flowers.
    • When you combine the corn syrup with a water conditioner or surfactant system, you get synergies that help in the movement and performance of the product.
    • Coat conditioners that contain an oil base are beneficial for both the coat and skin.
    • As you are bowling, the lane conditioner is wearing off the lane.
    • If you plan to stain end the grain, apply a wood conditioner before staining so the end won't soak up too much stain.
    • I need more British conditioners, motivators, coaches and managers to get on my wavelength.
  • 2also fabric conditioner

    suavizante masculine