Translation of conductive in Spanish:


conductor, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈdəktɪv//kənˈdʌktɪv/


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    • The company's electrically conductive adhesive can bond electrical components that could be damaged by a hot solder.
    • Under most circumstances, the matter in stars is so highly electrically conductive that magnetic fields can survive for millions or billions of years.
    • Liquid crystal display device with transparent conductive film between pixel electrodes and signal or scanning lines
    • The bottom layer of the molecular electronic device is transparent glass coated with a conductive material.
    • Resistance soldering can be applied to electrically conductive materials that allow the passage of electric current.
    • A conductive gate electrode is formed over a second dielectric layer overlying the channel region.
    • The recess is filled with an electrically conductive material.
    • The part uses a thermally conductive polycarbonate to draw heat away from the controller and dissipate it into the surrounding air.
    • Still, the current density accommodated by conductive adhesives fell short of what's needed to support power-hungry devices like processors.
    • Further, the pixel electrode overlaps the transparent conductive film for the common electrode to form a storage capacitor.
    • A return electrode is positioned in electrical contact with the second electrically conductive fluid.
    • Imagine that conductive electrodes are then attached to the surfaces and connected through an ammeter having a low internal resistance.
    • Most people are familiar with electrically conductive and non-conductive materials.
    • Despite concerns about the use of conductive irrigation solutions with electrosurgical devices, saline is the most common irrigant used.
    • A first layer of insulating material is formed on the first layer of the electrically conductive material.
    • The thick film conductive bonding material forms a conductive pad at each bonding location.
    • The conductive sections work as heat conductive channels between the wiring board and the semiconductor device.
    • A displacement material is deposited over the recessed conductive material.
    • For internally heated salt baths, natural gas flame torches having a moderate flame are effective in melting a pool of molten salt for a conductive path between electrodes.
    • In their collaborative project, Bennett designs the molecules and Tysoe studies the nature of surface interactions and their conductive properties.