Translation of coney in Spanish:


conejo, n.


Pronunciation /ˈkəʊni//ˈkoʊni/

nounPlural coneys

  • 1archaic

    conejo masculine
    • The humble rabbit was once commonly known as cony, coney (yes, as in Island Baby) or cunny.
    • A statute of 1337 in England restricted the wearing of furs to those with an income of £100 p.a., while a later scale confined ermine to the richest and restricted the poor to the furs of humble creatures, such as the cat, coney, or fox.
    • There's only one good way to cook a brace of coneys.
    • They had cackled and cheered when Peter had finally killed the little coney with a sharp blow to the spine that had snapped it in two with the sound of a popgun.
    • In the past, the animal was a rabbit up until the age of a year, and subsequently referred to as a coney.
    • Only a few weeks ago I had been in Puerto Rico and eaten a most amazing piece of deep fried, nearly greaseless coney so, I was eager to make some rabbit of my own.
    • Or the coney killer, coney being the country name for rabbits.
  • 2

    piel de conejo feminine