Translation of confession in Spanish:


confesión, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈfɛʃ(ə)n//kənˈfɛʃən/


  • 1

    confesión feminine
    to make a confession confesar
    • I have a confession to make tengo que hacerte una confesión
    • a signed confession una confesión por escrito
  • 2

    • 2.1(of sins)

      confesión feminine
      to go to confession ir a confesarse
      • to hear sb's confession oír a algn en confesión
      • to make one's confession confesarse
      • Catholics no longer go to confession as a regular practice, and many Protestant services have eliminated or downplayed the confession of sins.
      • And it is more than fair to the Church, as it protects the confessional unless the confession is about third parties.
      • The bishops cannot validly ordain priests and the priests they do ordain cannot validly say Mass, give the sacrament, hear confessions, give absolution or perform any other rite of the church.
      • In that group, more than 26 percent said they never went to confession, while 35 percent reported they went only once a year.
      • Growing numbers went infrequently to confession, or even gave up on the sacrament entirely.
      • The priest would hear confessions and give absolution for sins.
      • But the priest patiently heard my confession, gave me absolution, and then zipped out to continue his busy day.
      • There was the Good Friday service, a trip to confession on Holy Saturday and, of course, Mass on Easter Sunday.
      • From the first day when I became a priest, when folk came to confession they knew where they stood - it is go and sin no more.
      • This process involves confession to a priest, acts of contrition, receiving absolution, and performing works of satisfaction.
      • And why do Catholics feel the need to go to confession?
      • Later, there is a long scene where a priest sees through him and brings him to confession.
      • There's a simple remedy: repent and go to confession.
      • So the priest hears confessions and restores the penitent, not only to fellowship with God, but to fellowship with the injured Body, by the grace of God.
      • Shortly after mid-century, however, the number of Catholics going to confession regularly - or indeed at all - plummeted.
      • What priest hearing confessions and offering the comfort of God's forgiveness is exempt from the call to Christlike humility?
      • This isn't to knock all priests who hear confessions - many are compassionate and have a gift of knowing just what to say.
      • He asked if we could go to confession and get help from a Priest with us being Pagan.
      • I went to the priest and said I want to go to confession.
      • And so you had all these confessions going on, kids were going to confession all over the place.

    • 2.2(denomination)

      confesión feminine
      • Today, the Reformed Evangelische Kirche, while professing to adhere to The Helvetic Confession, has departed completely from the historic Reformed faith and biblical ethics.
      • He held this view while confessing allegiance to the Belgic Confession, but like the tendency of current revisions, it led to losable election, losable regeneration, and losable justification.
      • We reject and condemn these errors and all others that contradict and contravene the above doctrine as being contrary to the pure Word of God, the writings of the holy prophets and apostles, and our Christian Creed and Confession.
      • Some of the strongest defenders of the Confession's doctrine were Dutch elders.

    • 2.3(profession)

      confession of faith profesión de fe feminine
      • He likens himself to the Puritan divines he studied in graduate school, whose religious scruples were part of their confession of faith.
      • One hears stories of Christians who, in great anguish of heart, hover over the deathbeds of unbelieving dying relatives, hoping to hear, if only as a last gasp, a confession of faith.
      • The Particular Baptists issued their first confession of faith in London in 1644, two years after the civil war had begun and two years before the Westminster Confession was adopted.
      • This is our confession of faith, and the language of worship remains our only way to speak this mystery.
      • Baptists rallied around the confession and for the moment schism was avoided, but peace for Southern Baptists was ephemeral.
      • He died while his gardeners, two servants, three security guards and four chauffeurs were still chanting part of the confession of faith after the evening prayer in the larger prayer house close to the swimming pool in his mansion.
      • Baptism is both a confession of faith and the sign and seal of the covenant of grace into which the Lord has brought us.
      • This report, while not claiming the need for a new confession of faith, affirmed the 1963 statement and upheld the Peace Committee report, including the Glorieta Statement.
      • Paul writes to the Corinthian church and reminds them of the gospel on which they took their stand - his formulation is believed to have been an early confession of faith.
      • Among the Southern Baptists they turned to the practice of writing the denominational confession of faith.
      • I am never certain what someone who professes to give us advice on everything from how to get along with each other to how to teach the family dog ‘that Christian obedience that Fido needs’ has to do with the historic confessions of faith.
      • He always calls for a public confession of faith.
      • We put on our armour by a simple confession of faith: ‘Lord Jesus, You are my armour.’
      • Spoken words, even a mouthed confession of faith, mean nothing without the behavior to back it up.
      • Finally, one must ask what specific ideas about God and man were accepted by Augustine in consequence of his baptism and confession of faith.
      • For some, the focus of evangelism efforts is a confession of faith - agreement with or conversion to a specific theological statement.
      • Surely, the closest thing during these years to a Baptist confession of faith was the ‘Statement of Principles.’
      • As is to be expected in a work of this sort, a good part of Credo is devoted to the classical creeds of the early Church and to the theological developments that supported the first confessions of faith.
      • Baptists from the first have issued their confessions of faith.
      • This means that the bases for church reunion have to be the confessions of faith and the communal structures of the once undivided church of East and West.