Translation of confessional in Spanish:


con revelaciones íntimas, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈfɛʃ(ə)n(ə)l//kənˈfɛʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    (writing) con revelaciones íntimas
    • And the evidence of that confession, or confessional statement, was admitted without objection?
    • While I'm in a confessional mood, I might as well admit that the technique of salting hashes for increased security in storing passwords had passed me by until recently, too.
    • Anyhow, it's not a surprise that so many of the examples of this kind are in confessional writing about relationship problems.
    • I have used the confessional voice in both poetry and prose myself, not because I couldn't contain my urge to express myself, but because I thought that it might well be the best technique for a certain piece.
    • One senses they'd rather have a confessional book.
    • ‘The tradition of secrecy that exists there is conducive to the confessional aspect of singing and writing songs,’ he says.
    • Instead it was a solid, sensible, stately speech, at times confessional, highly personal.
    • With jangly guitars, electronic touches, melancholic melodies, and confessional lyrics, this album is a must have for any indie-pop enthusiast.
    • By confusing the public and the private, today's confessional culture undermines the idea of the ‘public interest’.
    • This is not necessarily a criticism: refusing to provide much context for their narratives, these songs are guardedly confessional, eager to elicit emotions but hesitant to reveal too much.
    • The project (not so much a blog, don't worry) is an ongoing compilation of anonymous, mailed-in confessional postcards prettied up with thematic drawings or collages.
    • OK I was just responded to by someone who listened to my stuff, cutting my confessional train of thought off.
    • In fact, both are closer to the warts-and-all confessional psychodramas of reality TV.
    • It edges you away from the tendency towards melodrama that you occasionally get in confessional verse.
    • Like its multi-platinum predecessor, it's full of yearning tunes and poignant, confessional lyrics that foster an intense and highly personal sense of identification between the band and its fans.
    • Jason coincidentally put up a post about pre-web writings on the same day I stumbled upon a confessional diary of my teenage years.
    • However, in a drunk, confessional moment, she reveals her desire to ‘know why my grandparents were kicked off that island’.
    • In a series of confessional encounters with his Dublin therapist, Ian, he reveals the hoarded guilt that rationally explains an irrational phenomenon.
    • The reaction to our contemporary confessional culture has altered the meaning of free speech and privacy.
    • Matters get decidedly steamy and a tad too confessional, though the lyrical twists reveal depth and vulnerability alongside the braggadocio.
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    • The decree on revelation, moreover, underscored the mystery of our encounter with the divine and hence the inadequacy of all our confessional statements about it.
    • In the field of confessional theology there have been developments that allow greater receptivity to new ideas.
    • They spoke in a confessional whisper.
    • Perhaps the textual orientation of cyberspace will reinvigorate the literate modes of Calvinism and other confessional groups.
    • Church leaders should not use the protection they enjoy from being forced to reveal the confessional conversations they have with parishioners to shield priests accused of child abuse.
    • Usually once the ‘penitent’, that is, the person going to confession, closes the confessional door, he or she kneels down on a kneeler, or in the case of someone who is elderly or has another reason for doing so, he or she sits down.
    • He was an unashamed confessional Calvinist in an age of doctrinal indifferentism.
    • God is not revealed in words and confessional statements, but as presence.
    • With great scholarly skill, he shows how centuries-old Orthodox religious philosophy and rituals resembled the penitent, confessional modes employed in the Soviet era.
    • He rejected confessional Christianity and allowed religious toleration in his kingdom.
    • But I did not know until later that our Baptist forefathers had found that wonderful document to be a helpful guide in formulating our early confessional statements.
    • They started with an a priori assumption that their particular confessional stance descended from the original expression of the Christian faith in the first century.
    • However, I would no longer go in a confessional booth and say sorry to some superior being for my mistakes, instead, I learn from them, I could never be sorry for my life experiences.
    • It is not a confessional religious statement about the nature of God; rather, only the view of the writer/community is presented.
    • It becomes an open diary or confessional booth, where inward thoughts are publicly aired.
    • In the minds of the Enlightenment thinkers, confessional religion, unless checked by law or by free competition, led inevitably to tyranny and persecution.
    • Religion, especially confessional Christianity, has always concerned itself with authority and certainty.
    • With regard to Baptists becoming teachers in public schools and confessional religious instruction, the situation in Finland has been much the same as in the other Nordic countries.
    • American confessional Protestantism lacks the strength, influence, and productivity to carry this much weight, and it has been so lacking for a long time.
    • The confessional language is stunning in its clarity: ‘I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me.’
    • Perhaps she might even blurt it out in a confessional whisper.
    • A severe looking priest up front was speaking very softly, only slightly louder than a confessional whisper.
    • When theological professors and pastors abandon the biblical and confessional doctrine of justification, they sacrifice the gospel and the souls of men.
    • Institutionally, the field is not best described in the ways better suited to a previous period, using the categories of confessional theology and neutral religious studies.
    • Did he mean he would violate the confessional seal?
    • The role of confessional statements in the search for unity and the effect of participation in the Eucharist to establish the fellowship of believers with each other and Jesus Christ are seen as forging an inner link.
    • I cried, the shock hurling my voice aloud, out of the confessional whisper.
    • Curiously, his weakest section is the book's centerpiece chapter on the phenomenon of confessional Protestantism.
    • Every denomination has its theological articles and books of theology, its liturgies and confessional statements.
    • Christian doctrine identifies the rules by which Christians use confessional language to define the social world that they indwell.


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    confesionario masculine
    confesonario masculine