Translation of congregation in Spanish:


fieles, n.

Pronunciation /kɒŋɡrɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌkɑŋɡrəˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n/



  • 1

    (attending service) fieles masculine
    (parishioners) feligreses masculine
    falling congregations may lead to the closure of some churches la disminución del número de fieles puede llevar al cierre de algunas iglesias
    • the Lutheran congregation in Dayton los miembros de la iglesia luterana de Dayton
    • I find very few of these young adults in traditional worship services in congregations on Sunday mornings.
    • All around the meeting place are blocks of flats and the congregation regularly does leaflet drops.
    • Mass congregations for a religious purpose must be banned, to avoid such tragedies as well as to avoid communal conflagrations.
    • There should be hymn-singing by ragis or by the whole congregation.
    • The congregation regularly sponsors food bank drives and soup kitchens for the poor, many of whom are gambling addicts, and now faces eviction if the casino licence is approved.
    • Bishop Ryan is disappointed at falling Sunday Mass attendances but he recognises that congregations are now attending out of conviction rather than convention.
    • Slowly various people throughout the whole congregation got to their feet, until finally all were standing.
    • What ought to be worship from a congregation has become entertainment for an audience.
    • If they did, they, too, would die, and God's wrath would come upon the whole congregation.
    • Society in general, and the general decline in the nation's moral responsibilities, is also named as the reason for dwindling congregations and religious desertion.
    • And if some congregations are choosing denominationalism, who and where are they?
    • The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.
    • The ministry and the budget need to reflect the assembled gifts of the congregation.
    • The core congregation that regularly goes to church is considerably smaller.
    • So she took her back home and she and her whole congregation prayed over her for her to heal.
    • The congregation in Basra is doing better and meets regularly now.
    • Now we have one or two homeless members that are a regular part of our congregation.
    • In it the Epiklesis invokes the Holy Spirit over the assembled congregation, but not on the elements.
    • Today's architects reach for new forms of expression that will shape the life and worship of congregations.
    • It will not take long, however, for the whole congregation to learn all the words.
    • This was a list of their religious and social demands and included demands that ministers should be elected by the whole congregation and that they should teach the Holy Gospel in a pure and simple form.
    • For this service the whole congregation stands throughout, as the doors of the Ark are open.
    • I struggled to attend worship and sing in the choir at my home congregation.
    • This ethos also leads the faith-based programs to encourage extended social ties between their low-income clients and local religious congregations.
    • Eighteen religious congregations have now formally agreed to contribute 128 million to the State's compensation scheme.
    • In those jobs they have been well received and proved themselves to be excellent pastoral workers, attending to their congregations with no less compassion and intelligence than their male counterparts.
    • The whole congregation was asked to stand and join in prayer for us.
    • They typically offered a more prominent role to women in their congregations than did the Regular Baptists.
    • From the point of view of the religious congregations, seizing all opportunities to bring lay Jews closer to Orthodoxy, the shaitl did not seem to be a theme worthy of reflection.
    • It was observed too, that while some religious congregations even-handedly promoted vocations to the vowed life and the laity, this was not universal.
    • Now people hop, skip, and jump among religious bodies and congregations, picking and choosing, paying their money and taking their choice.
    • Can we believe this and still worship in congregations that aren't racially diverse?
    • No longer will we sit silently in church conferences, conventions, assemblies or congregations where the Bible is used to caricature and condemn us.
    • The congregation or assembly does not wait until worship is over before it proclaims the good news.
    • For each song of the congregation throughout the worship service, the organist plays the same servant role.
    • Often it seemed that the message had transformed not merely the lives of individuals, but even whole congregations.
    • Gathered in worship, a congregation will hear things its members will not hear elsewhere.
    • In the congregation assembled for worship, these two movements meet, and the heavenly angels join the children of God in festal celebration.
    • You may find it impossible to buy or rent a building for your congregation's worship services, or even to conduct an open-air revival meeting.
    • It brings much delight and refreshment to a congregation in the Prayer Meeting to hear one or two unfamiliar texts of the Bible quoted.
  • 2

    (RC society)
    congregación feminine
    • Last August I was summoned to our provincial headquarters where I was given a 14-page communication from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
    • There is, of course, secrecy over these general congregations.
    • The primary duty and responsibility of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is to promote and preserve the Catholic Faith throughout the Church.
    • And, of course the cardinals will be in their general congregation.
    • All matters of importance are referred to the general congregations, which since 1870 are held in the Vatican.