Translation of congregational in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌkɑŋɡrəˈɡeɪʃ(ə)nl//kɒŋɡrɪˈɡeɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    (hymn/singing) con participación de los fieles
    the Congregational Church la iglesia congregacionalista
    • In both, the religious convictions of the early settlers and a congregational church system helped shape social and political institutions.
    • And it's certainly true that our style has infiltrated into the style of singing and congregational worship in this church.
    • Most authors are silent about ways to appropriate Christian resources and tradition in the face of congregational turmoil.
    • How can a commitment to continual conversion help congregational renewal?
    • In the median congregation, only ten individuals do volunteer work connected with congregational social services.
    • They attend a congregational church and their views are typical of churchgoers in the United States.
    • For many, he is the mentor who set the standard and priority for congregational song.
    • It needs to be up to date, changing as schedules and programs, church seasons and congregational opportunities change.
    • Presidents, on the other hand, eschew congregational control in favor of congregational influence.
    • The task ahead for those colleges that wish to sustain a congregational culture, or even a more broadly Catholic one, is enormous.
    • They have had leaders who have helped to cultivate the passions and commitments of congregational life.
    • The guidelines for the celebration of this sacrament in the liturgy of marriage are the same as for any congregational Eucharist.
    • I've been a member of several Lutheran churches and have sat through many congregational meetings.
    • Family members, congregational members, pastors, and other church leaders are called to honor marriage.
    • But when believers are called home to be with Christ there is normally music and congregational singing.
    • His personal and congregational anecdotes weave a significant story of appropriate, evaluated use of technology.
    • This does not call for a rush of congregational activity by which Churches busy themselves in social matters which are not properly their business.
    • Thirdly, are we jealously guarding united congregational worship?
    • A licensing program can help congregations enrich parts of worship in addition to congregational hymn singing.
    • His basic intention was to improve the congregational singing in the churches.