Translation of connect in Spanish:


conectar, v.

Pronunciation: /kəˈnɛkt//kəˈnɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(attach)

      to connect sth to sth conectar algo a algo
      • The first efforts used a single camera, but his real success came when his ‘special exposing apparatus’ was connected to a series of still cameras.
      • He stared dumbly at the end of the cable - the end which should have been connected to the computer!
      • If one has a computer that is connected to the Internet, the temptation for surfing is often very high.
      • There is presently no better way to successfully market a school than convince parents the school is equipped with the latest computers and is connected to the World Wide Web.
      • Much international misunderstanding will disappear when all the islands of mankind are connected together with the bridges of communication technology.
      • The antenna on the customer's roof is connected through a wire to a modem connected to a home computer through a network card that can handle a fast stream of data.
      • Although the cages acted as windows to his goal, there was no obvious door connecting the two areas.
      • The two buildings will be connected by an underground rail link and the tubular passageways, one of which will be rebuilt to accommodate a moving walkway.
      • He cast his eye to the door that connected the two rooms and shook his head.
      • She pointed to the door which connected the two bedrooms.
      • Olivia led her sister to the smallest of a cluster of gothic inspired buildings that were connected by a courtyard.
      • Some of these can be programmed with buttons on the timer; some must be connected to a computer to select the times.
      • Data is obtained by a camera that is connected to a computer system that calculates areas of air pressure by measuring the amount of luminescence on the surfaces.
      • The machine has an expandable sewing field, and can be connected to a computer network or run from a machine-attached disk drive.
      • Currently, the group monitors and controls more than 60 buildings, which are connected together by a process control network.
      • Inside, a skylit atrium runs the full length of the building, connecting its richly complex spaces.
      • The pool is more like a shared open space that connects the two families, but privacy is maintained by the use of the wall screen.
      • The ghost corridor is a walkway area through each lab that connects with a door allowing movement from one lab to another.
      • She wasn't very successful, however, as the wooden door that connected the two rooms was made of very thick wood.
      • If you can, you may want to build a cat door and connect a special little runway for your kitty that goes straight to his or her outdoor enclosure.
      • My personal setup includes a number of instruments connected to an audio mixer, which is connected to the computer via a USB audio interface.
      • Padding from the bathroom, I opened the door that connected their two rooms, entering the den of the sleeping dragon.
      • The scheme will be enforced by cameras which read number plates and are connected to a computer system which deducts the fee from a pre-paid account.
      • We have computers which are not connected to networks because we can't afford it.
      • Some mobiles contain modems that can be connected to a laptop computer for internet access while you're on the road.
      • This is particularly scary when you think of the number of laptops with modems that are connected to phone lines at some point.
      • Three existing buildings needed to be connected through a central circulation space.
      • This little burst of atoms is pulled into the mass spectrometer, which is connected to a computer.
      • We were on the 15th floor and the keyboard as you might have guessed, was still connected to the computer.
      • As the photographer took the pictures, the director watched them via the photographer's mobile phone, which was connected to his computer in New York.
      • The current wall separating the Great Hall and the Multi-Purpose Room is going to be removed and replaced with sliding doors to better connect the two rooms.
      • In 1958, for example, there was universal praise for the building of the Mackinac Bridge which connects the lower and upper peninsulas in Michigan.
      • The word ‘bridge’ in this community's name comes from the corridors and bridges that connect the seven buildings.
      • Cobwebs cover the door connecting No 10 to No 11.
      • New parts are housed in three blocks organized in a semi-circle around a node that connects with the existing building.
      • Columns ran along both the front and the back to hold up the crosswalks overhead that connected the two dayclass buildings on either side.
      • ‘I grew tired of waiting to get onto the computer that was connected to broadband,’ he says.
      • The output of the latter was connected to a computer for further treatment and printing.
      • A stylus is a pen that comes with a drawing pad, which is connected to the computer.
      • None of the computers will be connected to a network or the Internet; and the 16 to 20 students will be given ethics training.

    • 1.2(link together)

      (rooms) comunicar
      (rooms) unir
      (towns) conectar
      the buildings are connected by a covered walkway un pasillo techado comunica los edificios

    • 1.3

      I'm trying to connect you un momento que le pongo con el número
      • I'll connect you with her office le pongo con su despacho
      • A remote Dales village which has never been connected to a mains water supply has been linked up to a moorland spring.
      • The operator connected me to a service representative.
      • The water supply was to be connected to the city water mains.
      • Schemes with a sub-standard supply will be connected to the public water supply networks.
      • Lead-acid batteries are nowadays helping the two billion persons not connected to any power supply.
      • There was a faint click and buzz as the operator connected me to his room, followed by several rings before he picked up.
      • Also, when I dial 999 I am connected to Wakefield whose staff haven't a clue where I am or what I am talking about.
      • She entered the number her father had written on the card and was connected to the real site.
      • Eventually we were connected to Her Majesty's press office.
      • Several new houses in the village had been connected to the new supply but were not being charged.
      • They are less likely than the well-off to be connected to mains water supplies and pay on average 12 times more per litre.
      • Even in Aberdeenshire, some communities have only recently been connected to the mains supply for the first time.
      • The units may or may not be connected to a larger power grid.
      • Since the overwhelming majority of us are connected to the electricity grid, gas mains or both, the scourge of indoor air pollution is not a killer.
      • The operator connected me with a man named Tim in sales.
      • The property has freehold title, is connected to the public water scheme and electricity supply and has a phone line.
      • Barnsley Council says it did not plant the device, and mystery grew because it did not appear to have been connected to a power supply or transmitter.
      • It will take decades of economic growth before any great number of them can expect to be connected to a national power grid, or urban-style running water.
      • However, it is hoped the new unit, unlike the current one, would be connected to sewage and water utilities.
      • She took out her cell phone and called information, and was soon connected to the power company, who put her on hold for 45 minutes.
      • It will be connected to the main supply in the summer.
      • The researchers have so far used the technique to make simple organic LED arrays that display images when connected to a power supply, as well as power-generating solar cells.
      • Overseas readers of this site may be unaware that most houses in Bermuda are not connected to a mains water supply.

    • 1.4(link to main system)

      (gas/phone) conectar
      we haven't been connected yet aún no nos han conectado a la red
      • to be connected to the Internet estar conectado a Internet

  • 2

    (events/people/ideas) relacionar
    (people/ideas/events) asociar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • The central incident of the play is doubtless connected with the celebration of the death of the year and its resurrection in the spring.
    • We narrowed it down to a range of issues which we feel are connected with what the Pope himself would like to say in his next encyclical about the relationship between capital and labour in a globalised world.
    • And whatever personal plans we may conceive, each of us knows that they are directly connected with the welfare and successes of our Russia.
    • If meaning was closely connected with sense-experiences, it was hard to see what experiences could confirm or disconfirm the existence of a God.
    • They've been married for fourteen years, and this trip is connected with some incident that occurred while they were dating.
    • The report said that almost half of all the disputes were connected with motor and household insurance.
    • It is intimately connected with egotism, vanity, and spite: at its worst it becomes indistinguishable from full-blown pride.
    • The reason American popular culture dominates the globe is connected with the fact that the US is currently the most powerful nation, economically and militarily, on earth.
    • The haul is connected with two previous seizures, a two kilo heroin haul last May, when one person was arrested, and a six kilo heroin haul in April, when six were arrested.
    • By the eighteenth century, masculine chastity was closely connected with one's respectability and membership among the middling sorts.
    • He believes that the revival of the west is not just about economics, politics and policies, it is also connected with regaining our spiritual roots.
    • Salary requirements are negotiable and are directly connected to what you bring to the table.
    • The damage and assault charges were connected with that incident when the shopkeeper locked the door, brought out a baseball bat and there was a fracas, he said.
    • A ratio higher than 1 in a product group is connected with a comparative advantage.
    • Learning experience is enhanced when students feel that they are connected with an endeavor that is respected in the college.
    • The three independent stories are connected with a quarrel between the couple.
    • The timing of the raids was brought forward in the wake of the publicity over the perceived threat to US financial institutions, although the arrests were not connected with that threat.
    • The date was chosen not because it was connected with the birth of Jesus, but because it was the Roman festival of Natalis Invicti, which marked the birth of the sun.
    • As it happens, this point is closely connected with an important, and somewhat exotic, constitutional principle.
    • I think the issue at hand is really the necessity for designers to understand and be aware of the associations our visuals are connected to.
  • 2

    (be joined together)
    (rooms) comunicarse
    (pipes) empalmar
  • 3

    (be fitted)
    estar conectado
    to connect to sth estar conectado a algo
  • 4

    to connect with sth enlazar con algo
    • this flight connects with a flight to Rome este vuelo enlaza con uno a Roma
  • 5

    (make contact)
    he connected and sent him flying le dio un puñetazo que lo mandó por los aires
  • 6

    (be sympathetic)
    to connect with sb/sth sintonizar con algn/algo
    • we just don't connect simplemente no sintonizamos / no estamos en la misma onda