Translation of connection in Spanish:


enlace, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈnɛkʃ(ə)n//kəˈnɛkʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(link)

      enlace masculine
      conexión feminine
      connection with sth enlace / conexión con algo
      • A plurality of bond wires make an electrical connection of the bond pads with the conductive trace layers.
      • Her nerves buzzed like a bunch of crossed telephone connections.
      • The whole top drops right onto the sub-frame where it's secured by 12 bolts and a couple of electrical connections, then the rest of the body panels are built up around it.
      • As the message passed into my hand, through the wires and electrical connections, into my sensory functions, I was flooded with images of this experience.
      • It had stopped working, so he inspected electrical connections and prepared to downlink data from his last run, so biomedical engineers on the ground can try to track down the problem.
      • The second output port is connected by a feedback connection to a predetermined dedicated second input port.
      • A method is described for producing an electrical connection between a plug element and a printed circuit board.
      • Moments later, the power-lines lost their connections with the other power-lines, and the electricity ceased to exist.
      • They get their electricity from illegal connections and their water source is a broken pipe.
      • Each power component provides connections between the power lines in the network cable and the ports of the fan-out device.
      • It is difficult to remember those were also the days when one had to wait for years to get a landline connection and mobile telephony was little thought of.
      • After an interminable stretch of dead air while the cellular connection went through and my bowels tied themselves in knots, the number rang.
      • Flexible links for the fuel system, exhaust and all electrical connections will help to reduce noise and vibration transmission to the building structure.
      • A second electrical conductor forms an electrical connection with the patient's body.
      • Check on the connections in the electrical system to ensure everything's in proper working condition.
      • This must be a bad connection, Lewis.
      • Wherever there are electrical wires and connections there is the potential for shock and fire hazards.
      • Check connections to the electrical system to prevent low voltage and lighting problems.
      • The rectangular manifolds checked out, as she probed the divide that beautifully separated the two evenly, checking the wire housing and electrical connections.
      • George, there must be a bad connection.
      • They are tasked with four basic objects - get a water connection, an electricity connection, a building certificate and a ration card.
      • The bump array is configured to provide electrical connections to all possible integrated circuit contact patterns in the design set of integrated circuits.
      • Pulses from the weapon penetrate enemy bunkers through ventilation shafts and antennae, short-circuiting electrical connections and wrecking microchips.
      • Before working with wires or electrical connections, check them with a voltage tester to be sure they are dead.
      • Where utility pipes, vent pipes, exterior plumbing, and electrical or phone connections enter the house, caulk the separation.

    • 1.2Electricity

      conexión feminine
      • The terminal connector has at least a contact terminal for circuit connection on the circuit substrate.
      • Subsequent connection to the computer after installation is also tricky.
      • Via USB connection to a host computer, it allows control of virtually every mixer parameter from your computer.
      • A solder ball is fused to the end of the conductors for connection of the connector to a circuit substrate.
      • A network interface for connection of the computer system to a network can also be connected to packet switch bank 101.
      • The vibrator and its connection to the computer are described in detail in Appendix A.
      • They also include a slot for a network card for connection to your home computer network.
      • The at least two terminals include two current control terminals for connection at two locations in another circuit.
      • This external communications interface may comprise applications and hardware for connection of the computer to either or both a computer network or the internet.
      • The invention relates to the field of housings for connection of circuit boards to mother boards mounted therein and in particular to housings having zero insertion force connectors.
      • Therefore we sometimes order cables for connection of the computer and mobile telephone.
      • A circuit switch model for determining switch and network transit delays for circuit connection set-up was developed.

  • 2

    conexión feminine
    connection to sth conexión con algo
  • 3

    conexión feminine
    enlace masculine
    connection with sth conexión / enlace con algo
    • I have a connection in Rome tengo que hacer una conexión / un enlace en Roma
    • I missed my connection perdí la combinación / conexión
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    • 4.1(relation)

      relación feminine
      conexión feminine
      connection with sth relación / conexión con algo
      • The quality of your life has a strong connection with how healthy your relationship with other people is.
      • He wanted them to think about relationships and connections between everyday objects and sculptures, paintings, and architecture.
      • Finally, how do the lay employees of a religious institution view its connection with the sponsoring denomination or religious order?
      • The unifying link was that all of the artists had a connection with a small Quebec village called Saint-Juste-du-Lac.
      • This one-sided view of health also ignores what has been learnt about the broader social determinants of disease and the two-way connections between well-being and illness.
      • It suggests a society, if not a nation, in which the connections between criminality and culture have become banal and where most have become inoculated against any indignation at the fact that those links exist.
      • To examine these relationships systematically, I have identified five types of connections between musicians and others.
      • In parallel plotlines, the film follows their two lives - their friends, their girlfriends, their connection with art.
      • His father did the same for 20 years before that making their connection with radio one of the longest family associations in world broadcasting history.
      • The connections between items correlates with brain research that emphasizes connection-building to increase learning.
      • First, there are nodes and connections between them, called links.
      • Ecofeminism is a movement that makes connections between environmentalism and feminism, and argues that patriarchal oppression destroys nature in the name of profit and progress.
      • The Roman province of Britain is a place in which these connections between culture and social relations can be seen with particular clarity, despite some inevitable gaps in our knowledge.
      • It is necessary to think of the connections between technology and social relations - including any organizational structures - as a set of relationships.
      • Recognizing this contradiction, it is nonetheless possible to see connections between the fantastical and realistic aspects of rap by analysing the role of fantasies in a subculture.
      • Multiplicity is also more easily associated with hybridity and assemblages - but still concerned with connections between singularities.
      • She explains that there are important connections between the decisions people make - such as the jobs they do or the products they buy - and the affect it has on other people around the world.
      • The relationships, the connections between the elements, are of meaning in quantum mechanics.
      • It is only in Europe, moreover, that the connections between modernization and secularization are relatively strong.
      • ‘Things’ are placed within the environments, and the viewer has to make the connections between the things, the illness and reality.

    • 4.2(relationship)

      conexión feminine

  • 5connections plural

    • 5.1(links, ties)

      lazos masculine
      • But this is something that the County Development Officer should be dealing with, using the influence and the political connections to stop the brain drain from the county.
      • I keep coming back to the fact that a damaged half-mad woman was entrusted with the care of two small boys because she had the money and the connections to positively influence the adoption.
      • Our results indicate that different types of social network connections can have opposing impacts on diffusion.
      • Superior to his two partners in social rank and inherited connections, he lacked their ability to organize support and their total dedication to the pursuit of power.
      • One becomes a government bureaucrat or politician and rises through the ranks by developing influential connections and getting help from personal networks.
      • The villagers who support political parties and politicians act as their contacts within the village and to some extent derive their social standing from these connections.
      • The second is that we have two sets of rules; one for the poor who lack social and political connections; another for the well-heeled who have clout.
      • First, they contacted an architect through social connections to redesign the park.
      • Now suppose that societal discrimination (including housing discrimination) influences social connections.
      • ‘Prison wardens and other prisoners feared him because of his family connections and influence,’ he said.
      • It was only after the desperate father resorted to using his family connections and contacted the Prime Minister's office that a search for the missing student was launched.
      • Building local social connections and informal support is fundamental to preventing child abuse and neglect and to building resilience in children and vulnerable families.
      • We have heard, lastly, that the new fiction is fatally in love with journalism, that it wishes to flatten itself into a registry of facts, an index of social connections.
      • Through the committee's connections they were able to find performers of a high standard who offered their services for a minimal fee.
      • They expect a right of center president to nominate right of center judges some of whom will have connections with the only national organization of right of center lawyers.
      • They are establishing professional learning habits and personal connections with other camp professionals that will serve them well the rest of their lives.
      • They had influence, power and connections… they wanted to be useful in some way.
      • I was fortunate enough, through connections, to be able to land a nice job, nice salary, nice benefits, etc.
      • The College is an institution that opened its doors to those didn't have the financial resources or social connections necessary for admission to the Ivy League.
      • Through his connections with influential figures in the media, he was able to elicit favorable press for his clients.

    • 5.2(influential people)

      contactos masculine
      conexiones feminine Latin America
      I'll use my connections utilizaré mis contactos
      • I got the job through family connections conseguí el trabajo a través de los contactos de mi familia

    • 5.3(relations)

      familiares masculine
      parientes masculine
      she has Polish connections tiene familiares / parientes polacos