Translation of conquest in Spanish:


conquista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒŋkwɛst//ˈkɑnˌkwɛst/


  • 1

    conquista feminine
    to make a conquest hacer una conquista
    • she added John to her list of conquests John pasó a contarse entre sus muchas conquistas
    • Then last year the gossip columns started reporting on his notorious sexual conquests - who doesn't love a scandal?
    • He didn't want his friends knowing about his drunken mother's tears or his philandering father's many conquests.
    • Early in his stay in Madrid, a notorious star-chaser glibly informed the Spanish media that the new arrival would be the latest in her series of celebrity conquests.
    • He had no real love for her, but considered her a conquest unlike most other women.
    • He is in a fitful mood which is compounded by an outburst at the table by a maid, who has obviously become one of his many conquests.
    • But even that trio of conquests didn't satisfy his rampaging appetite. He also embarked on a much-publicised affair with an actress.
    • As the amorous side of your life goes up and down, you forage in the laundry basket of love, reselecting old flames instead of dusting yourself down and seeking new conquests.
    • Thus, your adventures take on a mythical quality and your romances aren't just conquests, they're heart-touching encounters.
    • His need for continual sexual conquests is undoubtedly a result of rejecting the fractured family unit that created him.
    • Sexuality and sexual conquest, after all, can be experienced by men as humiliating and stressful as well as thrilling.
    • She is cast as a mid-50-year-old mother of one of his potential conquests.
    • The actor, once well known for his frequent conquests, can't seem to get enough of the Brazilian beauty even though she denies that anything as permanent as marriage is on the cards.
    • For example, let's see some equal time given to the sexual conquests of young females at the box office.
    • I can't quite believe I'm asking this question at 11 o'clock on a Monday morning, but the sex warrior raised the issue of sex conquests, so here goes.