Translation of conscience-stricken in Spanish:


acosado por los remordimientos, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnʃənsˌstrɪkən///


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    acosado por los remordimientos
    • Her brothers, observing how she cherishes the plant, steal the pot, discover the mouldering head, and fly, conscience-stricken, into banishment.
    • Now the rest of us may have been a cross-section of the conscience-struck, community-minded and well-mannered, but our decisions to remain on the ground were not made out of consultation or a group vote, but individually.
    • News of them did much to persuade conscience-stricken clergy to break ranks and join the third in June, so that some action might be taken.
    • I was most conscience-stricken by my anguished looking mother's tearful eyes; an unproud image now permanently carved into my subconscious.
    • As you might expect, his words do not approach cliche, describing the pain in the conscience-stricken priest's feet, for example, as ‘his daily stigmata’.
    • The fact that he knocked against my car didn't faze him one bit and he continued blithely, with his conscience-stricken passengers looking out to see what had happened to my car.
    • A Hindu doctor feels conscience-stricken at being unable to stem the bloodshed.
    • They'd have said I was only a poor kid, conscience-stricken for having wished the man dead, and that he wouldn't have gone charging into the water if he hadn't been in a belligerent rage.
    • Her situation cried out for attention, rescue and relief by the State, by well-meaning and charitable agencies, and by ordinary, conscience-stricken citizens.
    • Perhaps you as a conscience-stricken Christian have found reassurance of His cleansing today.
    • How easily he could have been the leader of the world's conscience-stricken youth.
    • They go from the innocence of youth to conscience-stricken old age, from prewar certainties to the social upheavals of the 1960s, covering whole lives, often moving down the generations in a dozen pages.
    • Indeed, the prime impulse behind the campaign to save nature, and expressly to husband wilderness, was aghast awareness of its imminent disappearance, in tandem with conscience-stricken guilt at their forebears' rapacity and greed.
    • These are poets as moral actors voicing concerns and dilemmas; they are conscience-stricken purchasers, harassed homemakers, debonair lovers, anxious motorists and old grumps.
    • Unfortunately, 10 or 20 years after an execution, a confession often emerges from a criminal who is conscience-stricken or terminally ill.
    • Whenever I thought of the innocent little children who were torn from home, school friends and congenial surroundings, I was conscience-stricken.