Translation of consent in Spanish:


acceder, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈsɛnt//kənˈsɛnt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to consent to sth acceder a/ consentir en algo
    • she has consented to see you ha accedido a / ha consentido en verlo
    • he consented to being interviewed accedió a / consintió en ser entrevistado
    • consenting adult adulto que realiza un acto por su propia y libre voluntad
    • As an innocent man, his own government consented to his arbitrary detention and torture by a foreign power.
    • Settling around the table, the six of them bantered well into the evening until they finally consented to a chosen plan that pleased them all.
    • All group members consented to the discussion being taped, and we explained that all material would be made anonymous.
    • The adjournment was necessary and consented to by both parties.
    • First, the legal parent has to have consented to and fostered the petitioner's relationship with the child.
    • He denies all the charges, claiming the women consented to sexual activity.
    • One way to trace liberty is to take note of occasions when people consented to those who governed them.
    • It also suggested that as the girl did not escape earlier, she must have consented to what was done to her.
    • If you have allowed someone to send you emails on one topic, have you consented to getting anything that party wants to send you?
    • Was it a theoretical possibility that even though no mortgagee consented to this lease, the lease could be registered?
    • I consented to the little girl's offer, letting her lead me by my free hand.
    • The United States consented to that treaty in accordance with our own representative processes.
    • The professor said the family of the German man had consented to the procedure.
    • Thirteen obese patients were identified and consented to the procedure.
    • The plaintiff, at a pre-hearing, consented to an order and an order was issued for the release of the hospital records.
    • It would be quite unreal to infer that the bank consented to the withdrawal by a card holder whose account had been closed.
    • He consented to the taking of blood and urine samples by hospital staff ‘for medical purposes only’.
    • All heads of households consented to the interview.
    • She later consented to its demolition, when informed the council would not build a new one if it was still standing.
    • Where the author has consented to that, either personally or through another, then these rights will generally be exhausted.


  • 1

    consentimiento masculine
    to give/refuse one's consent dar/negar su (or mi etc.) consentimiento
    • by mutual consent de común acuerdo
    • he gave his consent to their marriage dio su consentimiento para que se casaran
    • age of consent edad a partir de la cual es válido el consentimiento que se da para tener relaciones sexuales
    • She said she gave no outward sign of agreement or consent, whether verbal or physical.
    • The argument that the landscaping involved required planning consent does not seem to me to carry any weight.
    • The applicant filed an application for judicial review, but it was dismissed by consent.
    • He could not believe that the development could be approved without his consent.
    • Claims can be settled via mutual consent, by arbitration or by a court award.
    • We were satisfied on this evidence that the sample was taken from the appellant with his consent by a medical practitioner.
    • The Claimant alleges that the first Defendant gave her consent for him to call her, and to accompany him to a party.
    • Full prior consent, including agreement to periodic follow up, will, of course, be sought.
    • Accordingly, it was not an effective request for consent under the Lease.
    • The draft order was designed to nullify the grant of the planning consent.
    • Under modern English law, however, a lack of consent only renders a marriage voidable.
    • However, you do not need conservation-area consent or planning permission.
    • The question of their consent or absence of consent is totally irrelevant.
    • It was simply a question of what would be available when it was built according to the development consent.
    • There is no clear legal authority for such disclosures without patient consent.
    • There will be orders in accordance with the signed consent of the parties.
    • It should be noted that the landlord has no right to consent or withhold consent to the assignment itself.
    • Like all the laws of nations, it rests upon the common consent of civilized communities.
    • The requirement for community consent to ordinances was affirmed, but delegated to the Common Council.
    • It was agreed that any change to the facility agreement would have to have my written consent.