Translation of conservatory in Spanish:


jardín de invierno, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈsəːvət(ə)ri//kənˈsərvəˌtɔri/

nounPlural conservatories

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    jardín de invierno masculine
    • A delightful feature of the house is the conservatory at the side, with its bevelled coloured windows.
    • Some even had internal decoration, so it is easy to see why they became popular for holding flower arrangements in living rooms and conservatories.
    • As the garden is both long and wide, it is possible a new owner might add a conservatory to the sitting room, or extend the kitchen.
    • It's so light now with the conservatory's glass roof and floor to ceiling windows.
    • Undoubtedly the most decorative way of growing plants under glass is in a garden room or conservatory.
    • The company has reported a huge rise in car windows being smashed, bodywork dented and wing mirrors broken and it is bracing itself for the next wave of claims to include broken windows in houses, conservatories, sheds and greenhouses.
    • The kitchen has service hatches linking it to the conservatory and living room and it is at the heart of the house.
    • On the first floor was the living room, dining room, a conservatory that led onto a small garden, a kitchen, and a bathroom.
    • Extensions are also a good idea but this tends to be much more involved than simply converting a loft of tacking on a conservatory to the side of your house.
    • There is also a conservatory, dining room, double bedroom with cast iron fireplace and utility room.
    • The conservatory is framed by two anchor points, the entrance at the east end and the orangery to the west.
    • So many people thinking of a conservatory forget about the garden and then live to regret it!
    • His responsibilities in the research and extension program involve pest management in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes, turfgrass, conservatories, and interiorscapes.
    • There are also proposals to put a roof on the conservatory in this area to house more plants for sale and put in a terrace where visitors can sit.
    • There were unusual curved panes of glass in the roof of the conservatory.
    • It believes that offering scenes set in abandoned barns and ivy covered, crumbling conservatories will add a sinister shimmer to the formula.
    • There is a guest bathroom at one end of the conservatory and a utility room at the other.
    • The conservatories are humidified with rainwater.
    • The third reception room at this level is a spacious conservatory off the living room.
    • The conservatory was more like a patio covered in white, red and peach flowers in many pots and in beds of soil.
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    (school of music)
    conservatorio masculine