Translation of considerable in Spanish:


considerable, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsɪd(ə)rəb(ə)l//kənˈsɪd(ə)rəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (risk/achievement) considerable
    a considerable sum of money una importante / considerable suma de dinero
    • with considerable difficulty con bastante dificultad
    • with considerable success con éxito considerable
    • to a considerable extent en gran parte
    • Please be as generous as you can as it takes a considerable amount of money to put this in place.
    • If the library is occupied by a playgroup it would cause them a considerable amount of disquiet.
    • It was that a basic disconnection had occurred that was to a considerable extent the west's own fault.
    • The cooking of Basra has had considerable influence on that of the Persian Gulf.
    • I am also of the opinion that the band will lose a considerable amount of local support due to this action.
    • With his considerable influence on our popular culture, could he share his ultimate joke?
    • Control of these rats is taking up a considerable amount of the pest control team's resources.
    • The value of this to the researcher is considerable and it adds significantly to the worth of the volumes.
    • Since then, a considerable amount of time and money has been concentrated on doing just that.
    • On the other hand, the extent of our own authorial contribution is very considerable.
    • They have eaten a considerable amount of the carpet and parts of my clothes.
    • Emotions and feelings have a considerable influence on earth's material labors.
    • The exhibition is growing and hopefully it will help raise a considerable amount for the appeal.
    • If it was sold to a developer, a considerable amount of money could change hands.
    • As the firm's engraver, he requires an artistic eye and a considerable amount of strength.
    • Secondly, the root system of mature maize plants has a considerable size and complexity.
    • A considerable amount of time and effort must have been needed to provide such a good show.
    • What is the meaning and effect of those agreements is to considerable extent a question of law.
    • This often put considerable strain on the tolerance of other religions and lifestyles.
    • I also said at the time that the extent of damage is a subject of considerable debate.