Translation of consideration in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kənsɪdəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//kənˌsɪdərˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(attention, thought)

      their case has been given careful consideration su caso ha sido estudiado / considerado detenidamente
      • I sent her a draft for (her) consideration le mandé un borrador para que lo estudiara
      • these are the factors that enter into consideration estos son los factores que hay que tener / tomar en consideración
      • to take sth into consideration tener algo en cuenta
      • the report is under consideration el informe está siendo estudiado
      • in consideration of en consideración a
      • In order to assess the impact on the trees, officers have been giving careful consideration to the proposed construction and operation of the wheel before reaching a conclusion on its impact.
      • A spokesman for the Department of Transport said: ‘We will give close and careful consideration to the findings of the report.’
      • The Government will give careful consideration to the task force recommendations over the coming months.
      • After careful consideration, I think it's just as well that I leave this and other gastrointestinal functions out of it.
      • A key aspect of the strategy that the agency says it will implement, is the use of an offset policy, a proposal which deserves careful consideration.
      • But the circumstances in which you each committed this offence called for careful consideration and go a long way to aggravating the offences you have committed.
      • A source close to the Duchess confirmed that a plan to move out of the estate was ‘under careful consideration and she would be moving out of her present home in the next couple of months’.
      • Some of the issues raised are familiar, but some are quite new and require careful scrutiny and consideration.
      • ‘It is a matter that requires very careful consideration,’ he said.
      • I have to give careful consideration to what I am saying.
      • At some time in the intervening period, careful consideration would have been given to the style and subject-matter of the figurehead, which would also play a crucial part in the overall design of the ship.
      • After careful consideration, I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me an assistant professor position in your department.
      • Even if the proposed changes were to result in a greater number of couples considering adoption, careful consideration would have to be given to the implications of allowing them to adopt.
      • At the very least the participants should take time to study the constitutional articles and laws they would like to change and give careful consideration to the changes they would like to be made.
      • After careful consideration and advice, we very much regret we are left with no alternative but to have started legal proceedings in order that we can do our lawful work.
      • Everybody from fifteen years upwards is invited to complete this questionnaire, and give very careful consideration to the four issues raised in it.
      • A spokesman said any decision about dropping subjects would be made only after very careful consideration, but he admitted that scrapping less popular subjects could not be ruled out in the long term.
      • Careful consideration has to be given to these applications and risk assessments are conducted before a decision can be made.
      • Actually, the bottom line is that after careful consideration, I probably agree with James more than I don't.
      • After careful consideration I chose the latter.

    • 1.2(factor)

      a major consideration is the cost un factor a tener muy en cuenta es el costo
      • her only consideration was her own success lo único que le interesaba era su propio éxito
      • A detailed study might take these wider considerations into account.
      • There are others who are probably better placed than I am to take into account those wider considerations.
      • The next point is a matter of concern when economic considerations are taken into account.
      • The paper hints at the political considerations behind such statistical manipulation.
      • They stated that the trial was motivated by political considerations only and was therefore invalid.
      • He suspects that the decision was influenced by political considerations.
      • Political and economic considerations have influenced these countries to form a regional cooperation.
      • It's the fact that such considerations would even come into play at all.
      • Hence it has been alluded to that there exist a plethora of underlying considerations and motives behind the rhetoric a manager uses.
      • The fact that secular considerations also favoured this course of action is, of course, beside the point.
      • Along with having a baby, I have other considerations to take into account.
      • From a commercial point of view it is necessary to take into account two conflicting considerations.
      • Was the miners' apparent diffidence at the event motivated by political considerations?
      • Is politicization in this sense synonymous with taking political considerations into account in arriving at a decision?
      • Another barrier is the fact that economic considerations overarch many of our decisions.
      • A crime is a crime, whether motivated by political considerations or others.
      • Planning committees are required to decide planning matters in a judicial way rather than on political considerations.
      • There are many simple considerations to take into account in order to reduce costs when purchasing.
      • The Commission may take into account wider social considerations as well as matters that relate strictly to competition policy.
      • Political and monetary considerations are stated to be the reason behind this.

  • 2

    consideración feminine
    she should show her colleagues more consideration debería tratar con más consideración a sus colegas / ser más considerada con sus colegas
    • he shows no consideration for my feelings no tiene ninguna consideración por lo que yo pueda sentir
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    of little/no consideration de poca/ninguna importancia / trascendencia
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    for a small consideration por una módica suma / cantidad
    • a financial consideration una contraprestación económica