Translation of consonant in Spanish:


consonante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsənənt//ˈkɒns(ə)nənt/


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    consonante feminine



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    en consonancia
    to be consonant with sth estar en consonancia con algo
    • To support a science that is ‘consonant’ with religion is not to claim that religion and science are the same thing.
    • Dick doesn't like to fly, and he had no particular desire to go there, and since we had pretty consonant views and I wanted to go to England anyway, we decided to write a joint paper.
    • Even when the editor's observations are not consonant with the latest research (a rarity) they can become new starting points of discussion.
    • The witness of the Scriptures is consonant with a view that rejects homosexual practice of any kind, and that marriage between a man and a woman in life-long union remains the only appropriate place for sexual relations.
    • For instance, SWAP'S support of alternative research methodologies is consonant with the multiplicity of methods used by members of the History and Theory Section.
    • Only when these three kinds of education are consonant and make for the same end, does a man tend towards his true goal.
    • Secondly, whatever is consonant with scripture, may be proved by scripture: but there are many things not dissonant from scripture which cannot be proved by it.