Translation of constitute in Spanish:


constituir, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɑnstəˌt(j)ut//ˈkɒnstɪtjuːt/

transitive verb

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    • 1.1(represent)

      constituir formal
      this constitutes proof of her guilt esto constituye prueba de su culpabilidad formal
      • Failure to comply constitutes an act of discrimination.
      • If these allegations are confirmed, such breaches of duty would constitute grave violations of medical ethics.
      • The same act carried out by two persons acting together may constitute conspiracy to defraud.
      • Its act has thus constituted a threat to China's national security.
      • The cynicism of this act constitutes a serious breach of faith.
      • That image constitutes my first real memory of a game.
      • The act of clarifying alerts town residents to the dangers of violating the act and therefore itself constitutes a form of warning.
      • If my familiarity with the paper constitutes a ‘conflict of interest,’ then I'm guilty.
      • But, we tell ourselves, getting titles like this into print constitutes an important cultural contribution.
      • It followed that the government of Venice could not abide papal intrusion into its affairs, an act that constituted an assault on its sovereignty.
      • It constitutes an immensely proud moment, a triumph for Scotland, and represents the true spirit of the Make Poverty History campaign.
      • The Australian Criminal Code also recognises various acts as constituting crimes against humanity.
      • This act constitutes industries' essential contribution to society.
      • It found that such a move would breach two clauses in the Competition Act 1991 and would constitute market sharing.
      • He said such an act constitutes a fraud which could be addressed by the courts of law, adding that such incidents should not be allowed by the farming community.
      • The majority of these were ruled out of consideration because the complaint did not constitute an offence or breach of discipline.
      • Any breach will constitute grounds for expulsion from the event.
      • Every act constituting torture under the Convention constitutes a criminal offense under the law of the United States.
      • The Geneva Conventions make reference to those acts which constitute war crimes under the Conventions.
      • Failure to act may constitute a waiver of the breach and, in certain circumstances, a variation of the agreement.

    • 1.2(compose, make up)

      constituir formal
      • Like the Taj, the garden elements follow the Arabesque concept, standing on their own and constituting the whole.
      • Since the Barony of Erris constitutes such a large part of Mayo, it is inevitable that its inhabitants were, and still are, deeply affected by emigration.
      • If this is the case, then limited liability does not constitute the whole of the problem and removing it would be only a partial solution.
      • The data I have presented here constitute only a very modest beginning toward meeting the challenge.
      • Europe was increasingly concentrating power into the hands of elite groups, who constituted a very small proportion of the total population.
      • The rest of the country constituted enough of a quorum for these powerful people - who needs those pesky Californian and Floridian votes anyway?
      • The in-form striker polled 1,024 votes from non-League fans constituting some 15 per cent of the 6,599 total.
      • With pedestrians constituting the highest number of victims of road accidents, it is necessary for the traffic police to man pedestrian crossings and put up safety signboards wherever necessary.
      • The Budget only constitutes approximately 1.25 per cent of GDP of the EU as a whole.
      • The result achieved by the scientists constitutes the tiniest first fraction of the effort required to grow a human baby, and is very far from being one of the many harder parts of the task.
      • There is, as a consequence, some repetition and little sense that the eleven articles constitute a coherent whole.
      • To be continuous is to constitute an unbroken or uninterrupted whole, like the ocean or the sky.
      • Those metasediments that are present probably constitute no more than 30% of the belt.
      • At the same time, she says, you cannot erase the fact that immigrants do bring other heritages and cultures into what constitutes America.
      • Unlike the European Central Bank, its members do not necessarily constitute a cohesive professional college.
      • Such fees at present constitute about half the budget of the FDA's drug review center.
      • The two subfamilies together constitute approximately 1.1 % of the entire genome.
      • Since members of the opposite sex constituted the most evolutionarily significant resources in the environment, competition for reproduction should be extremely effective.
      • Since the partition of the country, Muslims constitute only 11 percent of the population.
      • Recall is more accurate when fish consumption constitutes a larger proportion of the diet and when recall is requested over a short and definite period.
      • This left 1,948 aligned positions, which constituted the ‘whole’ data set.
      • Taken as a whole, these essays constitute a reasonably valuable addition to the scholarship on Japanese-Turkish relations.
      • In aggregate, they constitute a real and present danger to global prosperity.
      • At present, credits constitute 40 per cent of the banks' assets to give them the top slot in the banks' assets.
      • African Americans represent the third racial-ethnic group present in parishes, constituting 2.43 percent of average parish membership.
      • Most of us have a collection of old photographs that constitutes the ‘family album.’
      • This combined migratory population constituted more than 68 percent of Israel's population at its inception in 1948.
      • To be sure, change was gradual, and some exhibited strong anger, but these women appear to have been more retrained and they constituted a smaller proportion of the suspects.
      • Although important, medications for heart failure constitute only half of the treatment program.
      • They are present in all eukaryotic genomes, where they constitute the most abundant class of mobile DNA.
      • Like ‘body’, dance's meanings and functions have been constituted differently at distinct moments in history.
      • ‘The series of prints constitutes a well-defined and unified aesthetic whole,’ he says.
      • Almost half those murdered each year in the city are black youths, even though they constitute a very small fraction of the whole society.
      • For society is not simply constituted by the mass of the individuals who compose it, by the territory they occupy, by the things they make use of, by the movements they carry out, but primarily by the idea of itself which it makes itself.
      • Together they constituted a quite damning indictment of the whole program.
      • The Amy genes of Drosophila constitute a relatively small multigene family with two to seven members in different species.
      • This explains why the region was under Dutch colonialism in the shortest period of time among the rest of what constitutes Indonesia.
      • Depleted uranium constitutes one of largest radioactive and toxic-waste by-products of the nuclear age.
      • The whole gamut of man's activities today constitutes an indivisible whole.
      • The present catch of about 1300 a year constitutes less than 0.15 percent of that population and is sustainable by any standards.

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    constituir formal