Translation of constrict in Spanish:


estrechar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈstrɪkt//kənˈstrɪkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (opening/channel) estrechar
    (breathing/flow) dificultar
    (freedom) coartar
    (freedom) restringir
    (person) coartar
    (person) imponerle restricciones a
    (person) imponerle limitaciones a
    • She does not want to be constricted by a narrow feminism nor does she accept the cultural burden handed to her as a woman.
    • Peptides produced in the milk during culturing seem to inhibit chemicals that constrict vessels and increase blood pressure.
    • In both cases, nicotine is absorbed and may constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure.
    • Chemicals inhaled from cigarettes constrict tiny blood vessels in the skin, thus reducing the oxygen and nutrient supply to delicate facial tissue.
    • Results indicate that while cocaine did constrict brain blood vessels in men, it failed to do so in women.
    • And how does your perception of reality enlarge or constrict the life that calls you forward?
    • It increases the heart rate and blood pressure, constricts the small blood vessels under your skin, causes changes in blood composition and metabolism, and increases the production of hormones.
    • The band constricts the stomach, thus producing a small pouch with a narrow opening into the lower stomach.
    • Doctors treat shock by stabilizing blood pressure with medications that increase the heart rate, constrict large blood vessels, or increase the volume of blood the heart pumps.
    • Despite two illustrious parents, the company has been severely constricted for cash.
    • Having a shirt on probably constricts his creativity.
    • All forms of hypertension can constrict the blood vessels in the uterus that supply the fetus with oxygen and nutrients.
    • It speeds the heart rate, constricts blood vessels, and can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels.
    • He said shoes constricted his creativity.
    • But this meant that the economic life of Europe was severely constricted.
    • Other pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, irritate the eyes, constrict air passages and lower the body's resistance to colds and other respiratory illnesses.
    • This will help constrict the blood vessel and stop the bleeding.
    • As a result, caffeine dilates your pupils, speeds your heart rate, constricts your blood vessels, raises your blood pressure, and tightens your muscles.
    • Then pressure constricted his movement and confidence, and an untimely double fault crept into his game.
    • The last image he remembered from that time long ago was two strong hands clutching his throat, squeezing the life out of him, constricting his air flow.
    • It can also constrict blood vessels and cause chest pain or irregular heart beats.
    • Pilocarpine drops may be used to constrict the pupil and re-establish circulation of aqueous humor.
    • This enlargement constricts the urethra so the flow of urine is reduced, making it increasingly difficult to empty the bladder.
    • It constricts his creativity and his autonomy.
    • She'd climb on with a bit of a problem, her tight little shirt wouldn't allow her too much freedom and the narrow stilettos constricted her feet.
    • Clinicians should remember to ‘fill up the tank’ before attempting to constrict the vessel.
    • In colder temperatures, the heart tolerates less exertion because the body reacts to cold by constricting small arteries.
    • Because high blood pressure constricts the blood vessels in the uterus that supply the baby with oxygen and nutrients, the baby's growth may be slowed.