Translation of contemplate in Spanish:


contemplar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑn(t)əmˌpleɪt//ˈkɒntəmpleɪt//ˈkɒntɛmpleɪt/

transitive verb

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    (look at)
    • To the trecento Franciscan contemplating the images in the lower church, Judas represented a failed friar as well as a fallen Apostle.
    • Completed in 1815, Friedrich's image shows an inquiring lone figure withdrawn and contemplating the new world.
    • I soon no longer had time to contemplate such things, though, because I had to all but run to keep up with Mr. Fitzgerald through the airport.
    • When you contemplate my image, in a week or a month, I'll try to feel your presence from afar.
    • This week's gap in their Championship programme allows Yorkshire to contemplate the batting and bowling averages - and they won't be happy with what they discover.
    • He looked as though he was contemplating art, any minute he'd ask her whether grey-shaded or coloured images created a greater impact.
    • In the previous episode during the first dance Claire captures Nate's image as he contemplates a seagull picking at the wedding cake.
    • We contemplate the photographic image, how it is a site of loss and remembrance, the life preserved in it an ironic reminder of death.
    • Nancy replied, sitting on a chair opposite me and pulling her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on her knees as she contemplated me thoughtfully.
    • Tapan contemplated the cracked image of his own face in that mirror for a long time.
    • Evan let his left hand slide away from the computer terminal as he spoke, thoughtfully contemplating the carpeted floor for a moment.
    • No doubt they thought there would be benefits from contemplating the images of Mom, Her Son, and his tragic story.
    • Sitting on her bed she contemplated the phone thoughtfully - well if Nathan wasn't around he couldn't stop her from making a quick phone call.
    • Mr. Olivera paused for a moment - almost as though contemplating the situation, her voice ringing through his ears.
    • Visitors are greeted by an image of Hamlet contemplating a mouse.
    • As an interesting tangent to that she's been contemplating the potent image of the disembodied of the disembodied brain throughout history and in popular culture.
    • I shall be in a study contemplating a bust of Keats looking as though he is contemplating a bust of Homer.
    • It has been sobering, though, contemplating the terrible unstoppability of water.
    • The older woman seemed to be contemplating something, though she knew not what.
    • To what extent does film's latest technology give us pause as we contemplate film's images of the technological?
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    (position/alternatives) contemplar
    (position/alternatives) considerar
    Religion meditar sobre
    • Five years ago, Mark was contemplating his future as a cyclist.
    • I admit I have become increasingly frustrated by the low number of hits on my site, so I took a few days off to feel sorry for myself and contemplate my blogging future.
    • Globalization activists face hard choices now as they contemplate the future of the movement.
    • As students speculate, stop and contemplate, little evidence to its precursor can be found.
    • It can feel like an overwhelming position but one that you are considering if you have begun to contemplate your readiness.
    • She has also resigned from that candidacy to contemplate her future options.
    • And, during the dwindling seconds of her last game, she started to contemplate her future.
    • I spent some time yesterday contemplating my future work career.
    • They need time to quietly review, contemplate, journal, mull over, and reflect about their attitudes and actions.
    • I sat there contemplating when he asked me something.
    • We are only now beginning to contemplate the real issues of being Independent and socially responsible for whatever happens here.
    • As Boone sits on the beach contemplating what could have been, he turns to look at Jack with a resentment that goes unnoticed.
    • My first teacher practiced for a long time with Quakers because they were the only group in her area that found the same value in sitting still and contemplating.
    • He began contemplating a political race before his 16-year-old son died in a 1996 car crash.
    • I had begun to contemplate the possibility of a life entirely without her.
    • The group would be responsible for encouraging people to visit the cemetery to use it as a quiet place to sit and contemplate.
    • And I'll just be spending the next period of months in the lead-up to Christmas contemplating my longer-term future.
    • She sat there contemplating awhile before she excused herself.
    • These are some of the considerations we are now contemplating.
    • He sat, contemplating, then said, ‘You look far better in white than any other color, I say,’
    • The explanation is still worrying to contemplate.
    • While the hectic pace at work has slowed down some, we now have time to contemplate the future.
    • Found a nice spot on the cement embankment, away from the spray, and sat down to contemplate on life.
    • No wonder she is contemplating a future role in politics.
    • Loneliness simply isn't an excuse for what Jones had been contemplating for some considerable time.
    • As I contemplated my future as a father, I saw my past in a new light.
    • Seats carved with verses - many referring to Lady Mary and her empathy with the scenery - have been placed at strategic intervals along the route, to sit and contemplate.
    • She pulled into the parking lot and just sat there, contemplating.
    • The amateur show jumper is contemplating his future in the sport.
    • We want it to be used by the community and for people to sit in the quiet and contemplate as much as possible and this money will help us do that.
    • In its place is a man contemplating a future outwith his control.
    • I think they're vast and we can barely begin to contemplate them.
    • It's a real gem and a great place to sit and contemplate, with cliffs rising behind.
    • The books, then, organize a continuing meditation on connections that is more important to contemplate and consider than to solve as if it were a puzzle.
    • At the antiquarian book and paper event I began contemplating a collection of examples of antique handwriting to complement my fountain pens.
    • Frankie and Monnie will be an inspiration to anyone else in the future who might be contemplating taking up a challenge in which the odds are stacked against them.
    • I boarded a plane for 20 hours of flying - lots of time to reflect on the past and contemplate the future.
    • I sit there for a while chewing and contemplating, which I think can be considered multitasking.
    • It's at times like these when I sit and contemplate and plot.
    • Three meals a day are taken in a group, but in silence and as another form of meditation, as each mouthful is slowly chewed and contemplated.
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    (consider possibility of)
    to contemplate sth/-ing
    • she is contemplating a trip to China está pensando / proyectando hacer un viaje a la China
    • I contemplated phoning her pensé (en) llamarla
    • He looked at each of the closest planets and their moons, contemplating each one's probability to hold an alien base.
    • Referee Phil Dowd never contemplated the penalty Fulham probably deserved.
    • I think it's all about what people are open to at this point in their journey… I find that when you contemplate this area of life more, it comes to you more and more.
    • It would seem to provide for the maximum liability in relation to payment of damages contemplated by the provision.
    • It does not contemplate damage of the present type.
    • But when we actually contemplated some evil intention directed towards us, it seemed a little chillier.
    • A similar project was being contemplated in the Riverstown area but that was in the early stages at the moment.
    • On the last day of our stay, we took a break from the past to contemplate the area's ecological future.
    • For distraction I forced myself to contemplate my next entrepreneurial venture.
    • They had to work out how long Evans would stick around if he was given a wad of money and they even contemplated a joint venture to spread the risk.
    • I pulled the plug from the socket quick as quick and contemplated the damage.
    • That is not the type of special damage contemplated by Boyce and the other cases.
    • So why is nobody scrambling to acquire them or at least contemplate a joint venture?
    • That could create uncertainty for non-residents who may be contemplating venture capital investment in New Zealand.
    • It's a short trip from the stadium where France's campaign ended, but a long journey on which to contemplate the seismic damage done to the reputation of French football and footballers.
    • The capital costs of starting a sugar estate were so high by 1860 that only rich capitalists or companies could contemplate such a venture.
    • The book forced me to contemplate my own intentions in participating in a graduate education program that has a partnership with a predominantly Black school.
    • So also the theory of probabilities contemplates the numerical measure of the circumstances upon which expectation is founded; and this object embraces the whole range of its legitimate applications.
    • How many will be able to start a family, or buy a house or go back to university for further study when they contemplate the implications?
    • Alexander stood at the edge of the balcony for a moment, contemplating the quandary, intently observed by Constantine.
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    do you contemplate any difficulties? ¿prevé alguna dificultad / que vaya a haber dificultades?