Translation of contestant in Spanish:


concursante, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈtɛst(ə)nt//kənˈtɛstənt/


  • 1

    (in beauty contest, quiz show) concursante feminine
    (for post, position) contendiente feminine
    (for post, position) candidato masculine
    (for post, position) candidata feminine
    a Miss World contestant una aspirante al título de Miss Mundo
    • Each contestant gave a brief presentation, saying how much money they had raised for charity.
    • After three or more contestants have strutted their stuff, the winner is decided by popular acclaim.
    • All contestants took home a pizza plate and slicer and the winners won food processors.
    • Once a contestant is eliminated the selection process is repeated, followed by a further set of questions.
    • The applicants were then interviewed and tested for suitability and contestants selected.
    • The ten heats over the next few weeks will play the part of selecting the contestants for the finals.
    • After much paperwork and emailing, Monica was on her way to participating as a contestant.
    • The 30-year old crooner was the oldest contestant in the sixth and last heat of the competition.
    • The referees smiled and more often than not called out to the contestants to complete the race.
    • In order to qualify, all 100 contestants on the shortlist have to answer the same question.
    • The winner is a contestant which best exudes the qualities of today's modern rural woman.
    • Each of the contestants were asked to pick one of eight envelopes presented to them.
    • Just about every quiz show on television ends with some sort of vote to send a contestant packing.
    • One's main anxiety is that neither of this year's sporting contestants are cricketers.
    • And should you want to be a contestant, or rather a pair of contestants, just send an email here.
    • According to reports, choosing a winner from the final three contestants was a hard task.
    • Given the background music, the contestants have to identify the song and sing it.
    • The contestants will be judged on technical skills as well as for smooth presentation.
    • The evening went on as the contestants relaxed and restored their strained tissues.
    • She was the only contestant from initial 10 applicants to arrive for the contest.