Translation of continental drift in Spanish:

continental drift

deriva de los continentes, n.



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    deriva de los continentes feminine
    movimiento de los continentes masculine
    • Of course, none of these conclusions could have been reached without all these workers rejecting the idea of continental drift.
    • However, at the time that Wegener proposed his theory of continental drift, most scientists still believed the Earth was a solid, motionless body.
    • But of course, the scientists who refused to accept Wegener's continental drift hypothesis in 1912 and up to about 1950 were entirely right to do so.
    • Unfortunately, the entire thesis of continental drift was also thrown out.
    • Geologists and continental drift theorists have shown that there was once one super continent named Pangea.
    • Forty years ago, hardly any geologists believed in continental drift.
    • Quite suddenly, Wegener's theory of continental drift had the mechanism that it had previously lacked.
    • According to the theory of continental drift, Africa and South America separated from this super continent first.
    • No mechanism was known, for example for continental drift when it was proposed by Wegener.
    • The groove resembled the rifts between continental blocks that Wegener's theory of continental drift predicted far too closely for comfort.
    • Despite the now compelling nature of much of the geological evidence for continental drift, the most unequivocal proof of the movement of continents now surely comes from palaeomagnetism.
    • By the late 1960s the modern theories of continental drift and plate tectonics had become firmly established in geological thought.
    • Searching for evidence to further develop his theory of continental drift, Wegener came across a paleontological paper suggesting that a land bridge had once connected Africa with Brazil.
    • When first proposed a generation ago, the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics was one of the most shocking scientific ideas of its day.
    • Later theories of continental drift depended on plate tectonics; rates of movement of continents were not an integral part of those theories.
    • The site clarifies the often fuzzy distinction between the older theory of continental drift and its more recent reincarnation, plate tectonics.
    • The Elephant Bird's Tale is a tale of Gondwana, and of continental drift or, as it is now called, plate tectonics.
    • It is in Africa where critical data exist that spawned the theories of continental drift, the origins of life, and the emergence of humans and their subsequent migrations out of Africa.
    • The theory of continental drift would become the spark that ignited a new way of viewing the Earth.
    • For example, when Wegener proposed his theory of continental drift he could not explain how continents move.