Translation of continue in Spanish:


continuar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈtɪnjuː//kənˈtɪnju/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (carry on)
    the meeting continued into the small hours la reunión continuó / se prolongó hasta altas horas de la noche
    • He visibly flinched at the mention of that war but continued after an imperceptible pause.
    • Confronted with a red traffic light at the junction with Little Queen Street he swerved around waiting vehicles and continued.
    • The 46 per cent burns he suffered on that day have required a series of operations, which continue to this day.
    • Many households are also having to adjust after their fixed-rate mortgage agreements end this summer after two years and property prices are continuing to fall.
    • Instead, companies continue to import and process raw coffee beans in Europe.
    • The most important thing is that we stay positive and continue to try and play the passing game that has got us into this position.
    • Leaning against the car's roof once more he paused before continuing. ‘A message for you.’
    • It also falls short of answering nagging questions that continue to persist.
    • The tourism development at Eastern Passage has been scaled back to an eight-month operation, rather than continuing on a year-round basis.
    • In the office market, western Europe continued to strengthen its position last year.
    • There was a slight pause before she continued, this time in a warmer tone.
    • As the operation continues, calls have been received from local residents expressing sympathy for those who have died.
    • Before continuing, they warmed their cold bodies around the morning fire.
    • Before continuing, let me pause to address a certain issue.
    • Also the good news is that the price of memory is continuing to fall.
    • A cadenced curve of arched boxes undulates around the auditorium and continues in an arcade behind the stage.
    • As she stoops to pick one up, more items fall out, and the process continues.
    • Prices will continue to fall, and those financing deals will still be in place for months to come.
    • The recovery and clear-up operation continued through the rest of the day and deep into the night.
    • There was another long pause before he continued, during which Faith felt both tingles of anticipation and dread.
    • Miranda sighed and paused hesitantly before continuing.
    • Let's hope the weather continues to play a positive role.
    • The pause continues until he determines that it is time to speak again.
    • The oil price continues to fall - it is now down some 10% since the conflict began three weeks ago.
    • The pair were verbally abused and had stones thrown at them when they confronted the gang, who continued to hang around for more than an hour.
    • The education process continues after the patient returns home through telephone calls and e-mail.
    • He paused before continuing, pleased she hadn't snapped at him yet.
    • I paused, then continued, assured that my prods would send him back to the castle.
    • The company's cash position continued to weaken over the last quarter, due to cash spent on acquisitions.
    • The heavy dew at this time of year reduces the need for watering but check if the weather continues to be warm and dry.
    • This persistence continued with the boy insisting that we have sweets at his employer's stall.
    • If the weather continues to get warmer and the ice caps continue to melt, the level of the sea would rise and several of the sea ports that we know would be submerged.
    • I believe that by passing this legislation we will continue to maintain that position.
    • It is because of this, and despite the constant attempts by central banks to inflate the currency, that prices are continuing to fall for consumer goods.
    • He pauses but continues to speak so fluently that Stephanie almost thinks he's reading from a script.
    • While a clean-up operation continues, teachers are compiling lists of missing items.
    • The job destruction is continuing as the process of corporate restructuring intensifies.
    • Wholesale prices of heroin continued to fall since the start of last year.
    • Foreign prices continue to fall, reducing the product's profitability still further.
    • Two patients were unable to continue their normal activities because of symptoms.
    • This continued to be the position at the time of the hearing.
    • He politely checked the mobile with a quick glance each time, then continued without a pause.
    • He said that it was unlikely families would be able to visit the scene of the attacks while the recovery operation continues but that he hoped they would be able to trace their loved ones.
    • He paused before continuing, ‘Was it just me, or did Chloe look awfully pale in there?’
    • He was to continue to hold this position until his own death.
    • The best guess for the future stock market has to be that it will continue to fall in price.
    • Cleaning, maintenance and service operations will continue throughout the warm-down period.
    • She paused and continued finally after the class stared at her for seemed like a very long time.
    • He would much rather be judged on whether share prices continue to rise or fall ahead of a bid or profit warning.
    • The company has closed its commercial printing operation but continues to sell print capacity on an out-sourced basis.
    • Here he pauses, then continues, sounding like a cook admitting that a recipe is deceptively simple.
    • That radio call set off a recovery operation that is still continuing.
    • Well, Miles, that's the latest that we have - that it isn't over, that the operation continues.
    • After a brief pause she continues, ‘Well, if you have the time, I would like to have a word with you’.
    • Are you willing to continue in the position if the President nominates you again?
    • How will they be able to continue to insist on price cuts of medicines by more than nine per cent every year?
    • While lifting the need for a joint venture partner in order to set up operations, there will continue to be a limit on branch openings.
    • Now the first is gone, the second will soon be gone and if the trend continues, the existence of the third will be in danger as well.
    • He paused before continuing, ‘At least, the childhood you prepared for me.’
    • We will continue with these operations to protect the public.
    • Tianna bit her lip again and paused before continuing.
    • He continued briefly at his position after his arrest in October of last year.
    • The wait continues for a positive ID on the human remains found in North Carolina.
    • The voltage is then incremented and the process continues until a determination is made as to the objects operability.
    • He paused before continuing, and smirked, pointing at Amara.
    • Brian, what do you know at this time about how long this operation may continue?
    • A massive clean-up operation is continuing in many parts of the city after Hallowe'en bonfires wreaked havoc in a number of green areas on Sunday night.
    • The breadth of the billing confirms how many genres around the world continue to be warmed by it.
    • The hot weather looks set to continue for the rest of the week and into the weekend.
    • Recruitment for the remaining forum positions is continuing.
    • Police in Wiltshire are continuing with the operation and more charges and arrests are expected within the next month.
    • This cycle continues throughout the security operation as events dictate.
    • He added that the rescue operation would continue throughout today and promised a full investigation into what happened.
    • His prediction is that prices will continue to rise relentlessly.
    • There was a long pause before he continued and Raven thought she felt him looking at her.
    • It is extraordinary that the discussions continued throughout the day and, indeed, the night.
    • It was unable to open its doors early today as the huge clean-up operation continued.
    • This means the divot should start at the impact position and continue ahead of it.
    • It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response. Shall we continue?
    • This process continues until the computer can determine your competence in all areas of the test plan.
  • 2

    proseguir formal
    • We'll continue this tomorrow morning, then I'll attempt to make some sort of shape of it on its feet.
    • I recommit myself to continuing to work with that organisation to ensure its long-term viability.
    • He completed a total of 78 laps today and will continue testing tomorrow.
    • So if you treat me nice by reviewing, I'll definitely return the favour by continuing the story.
    • If you get a keyboard error, press F1 to resume and then continue pressing the F8 key once every second.
    • I imagine tomorrow you'll be continuing your search.
    • Another foreman was chosen and the trial continued, returning a verdict of guilty.
    • The committee therefore recommended continuing evaluation of all recommended interventions and policies.
    • The gas resumed its flow and continued for a very long time before stopping again.
    • In the meantime, he will continue telling the story of his life over and over, refining its delivery to a sheen as perfect as his prose.
    • In my bag there is a notebook to continue writing my story and a lovely brand new journal to record my adventures.
    • Tomorrow we continue our series of special reports on genetically modified foods.
    • So today let us recommit ourselves to continuing history's great and necessary task.
    • Therefore, the group recommended continuing the trial due to the still uncertain balance of risks and benefits.
    • They've been arguing the motion to continue the trial, to push it back is what the defense wants.
    • Even when you're healthy again, Davies recommends continuing with your therapeutic regimen.
    • However, the club are hopeful to have the tricky winger back among their number in the next few days to continue his trial.
    • He turned swiftly on his heel and clapped for the music to resume and dancing to continue.
    • My project was partially done and my boss asked me to recommend somebody to continue my project.
    • Yet, even for those that continue or resume after a break, the issues don't end there.
  • 3formal

    he is going to continue at school va a continuar / seguir estudiando
  • 4

    (go, extend)
    (canal/road) continuar
    (canal/road) seguir
    continue down the hill as far as the crossroads continúa / sigue bajando la cuesta hasta llegar al cruce
    • we continued on our way reanudamos el camino
    • Let us all hope that the journey will continue in the right direction.
    • As it passed us, it turned counterclockwise, but continued to travel in a straight line.
    • Instead, all he received was yet another eye roll as I continued in the direction of my dorm.
    • This makes perfect sense to your maintenance man, so Frank continues in the direction he proposed.
    • The drive northwards will continue as the old North / South divide narrows.
    • Tom, who told the Evening Press he did not want to comment, was believed to be continuing his travels down river today.
    • They walk off the road in various directions and continue blithely on their way.
    • Yet we know from history that lines on graphs don't continue in the same direction forever.
    • He took a turn in the right direction, and continued to drive me home.
    • They tried to continue on the main path, but the roots and branches had grown over many paths so they couldn't get through.
    • While humming to herself happily, she continued walking in the direction of her next class.
    • Justin pulled onto the main road and continued into the correct direction towards the highway.
    • Her slow travel on the ground continued for a while, and then she stood up.
    • After taking in the views, the walk continues in the same direction northwards from the summit towards a wall on top of the plateau.
    • We have to make sure that he is denied the opportunity to continue moving in this direction.
    • I wrinkled my nose in her general direction and continued to my locker at the far end of the hallway.
    • At the key intersection the road signs direct travelers to either continue west or turn south.
    • On the northeast side of the stope a small drift continued in a northeast direction.
    • These losses will keep rising as the bear market continues its relentless path to a distant future bottom.
    • Not only that, but in both states, rain continued to travel downward rather than upward.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (keep on)
    seguir con
    to continue -ing/to + inf continuar / seguir + ger
    • her work/health continues to improve su trabajo/salud continúa / sigue mejorando
    • she continued speaking/working continuó / siguió hablando/trabajando
  • 2

    seguir con
    proseguir formal
    to be continued continuará
    • continued on p 96 continúa en la pág 96
    • to continue -ing continuar / seguir + ger
  • 3

    (extend, prolong)
    • Doctors are continuing their strike that began on January 14 in protest over low pay and growing workloads.
    • The program is accredited and graduates can begin or continue study towards a college degree.
    • Steve and others honor him by continuing the work Rob began.
    • Chambermaids in France are continuing the strike they began on March 7.
    • Maxwell also continued work he had begun at Aberdeen, considering the kinetic theory of gases.
    • When the U.S. economy begins and continues a strong recovery over a period of time, will they prosper?
    • If its funding crisis continues it may well begin to lag behind others in building a profitable customer base.
    • Workers employed by a property cleaning service are continuing the strike they began on May 29.
    • All that is needed is the stated readiness of the offender to begin and then continue treatment.
    • Nevertheless, the work he began was continued by the banks which had offered him credit.
    • Thus I cannot see that there is any valid argument to support continuing the current practice of allowing the vile habit of Smoking in areas where the Public cannot avoid being.
    • As the album continues it begins to slow down and focus more, the twists and turns occurring a little less frequently.
    • As May begins, Mercury is continuing the poor apparition it made in April, hanging low in the east at sunrise.
    • Secondly, members will examine how to continue the dialogue begun in Barbados.
    • The next cadence of the song began and Elizabeth continued her singing quietly.
    • His gaze lifted, and he began walking, continuing his aimless trek around Seattle.
    • He arrived in the country two years ago, to continue work he began elsewhere.
    • During his time in custody he had begun a detoxifying programme and wanted to continue it.
    • However, both drivers obtained good information on the tyres, and we continue the set-up work begun yesterday.
    • The foursome came to Toronto last week to promote the film, continuing a collaboration that began right after auditions.