Translation of continuity in Spanish:


continuidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɒntɪˈnjuːɪti//ˌkɑntəˈn(j)uədi/


  • 1

    (cohesion, flow)
    continuidad feminine
    • A copy of critical company data at a secondary site is also a prerequisite for continuity in business operations.
    • For several of the remaining joint ventures I was able to establish continuity of operations until some date between the date of founding and 1991.
    • Pool devotes equal attention in these final chapters to continuities between the liberation struggle and the state as well as ruptures and contradictions.
    • In the inertia and unbroken continuity of their daily lives, they come to believe that a tomorrow is guaranteed for them.
    • Of course, there may be continuities between the culture that is the church and the culture in which we find ourselves.
    • Where the continuities between what the folklorists described and earlier elements are substantial enough we can feel justified in using more recent materials to flesh out earlier sources.
    • We maintain continuity of care assessing them at regular intervals throughout their illness, till the very end.
    • Cases abound in natural history studies of ants, chimps, baboons, etc., who, in extremis, give their existence for continuity of their kin.
    • Arnstein demonstrates how adroitly Victoria handled several recurring issues that provided the continuities between the two distinct periods of her life.
    • This trick of perspective has been undone by the demise of the Cold War and, as a result, the continuities between the 1990s and the pre-Second World War period stand out more sharply.
    • Johnson emphasizes the continuities, both chronological and geographical, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
    • The study is designed to provide accurate, consistent data and ensure continuity of collection methods.
    • The analysis viewed the situation as critical and said there was an even greater need for continuity in foreign policy, and increased responsibility on the side of the new rulers.
    • In this respect especially, seventeenth-century philosophy has important continuities with the Aristotelian tradition and with Hellenistic philosophy.
    • For Burke, historical continuity was central to his understanding of society.
    • Scott stresses the continuities between the two works.
    • I see significant continuities between these movements.
    • The claimants' continuity of employment was unbroken.
    • To emphasize this continuity, the design needed to create a sense of movement.
    • Further, it is not necessary to establish an unbroken chain of continuity.
    • It is the same as it ever was, absolutely unbroken continuity.
    • The result is an efficient and flexible solution for the business continuity of global operations.
    • But in each case, it is continuity of policy that is the essential ingredient.
    • The important point is, it descends from the past and represents a continuity with the past.
    • Other books, more often than not written by religious believers, emphasize continuities between the pursuit of theological and scientific truth.
    • Emphasizing the unchanging aspects of the topography, he made the case for the unbroken continuity of scriptural history with the living present.
    • Several mechanisms are implemented by most businesses to ensure business continuity.
    • Once again at the level of the overkingship, as opposed to the smaller kingdoms, there was no continuity of existence and association with a particular family.
    • With these, corporations can resolve security issues, protect critical assets, and ensure business continuity.
    • This is a problem for the law, which does not like surprises and certainly proceeds by analogising new situations to old ones in order to build continuity.
    • Trying to perpetuate cultural continuity's an important thing, and that's part of what education is for.
    • Team midwifery was meant to ensure better continuity of care for mothers.
    • Studied carefully, they also demonstrate a remarkable continuity in terms of his practice.
    • Reading Johns's study, I was repeatedly struck by continuities between the early modern world he describes and the present day.
    • Our goal was to ensure continuity of operations while we developed new and more aggressive policies.
    • In addition, many organizations have come to realize the importance of data as an asset for business operations and continuity.
    • Interestingly, both have traditions of almost unbroken continuity.
    • Traditionally inspired music is predominant in the arts and represents cultural continuity with the past.
    • No such spatial and generational continuity existed for the immigrant European Americans.
    • Overall, there is a reasonably strong and consistent association between continuity and patient and doctor satisfaction.
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    • 2.1Cinema

      continuidad feminine
      before noun the continuity girl/man la secretaria/el secretario de rodaje
      • There are some gross continuity errors in the version of the film currently available.
      • The main problem with making films is keeping continuity.
      • If you're keeping notes about continuity errors, check out the crew commentary.
      • There's very little sense of time and continuity throughout the film, making for one that's a little confusing chronologically.
      • There are also massive continuity errors and shoddy production values that aid a lazy script by writers with no interest in doing research.
      • Levin and Simons argue the opposite: that we don't notice continuity errors in film because we wouldn't notice them in real life, either.
      • There is also some nice continuity in the camera work.
      • The film's continuity is established by an emphasis on gesture and/or dance throughout.
      • The look of the film itself is very uneven, with poor continuity and obvious shifts from sharp detail to stock footage of various amounts of grain.
      • Instead of having ‘innumerable opportunities’ for new stories, we were given innumerable continuity errors.
      • If you look for continuity errors, you will find a few, and they might make you laugh.
      • It's a fascinating track that goes into extensive detail about the film's lack of continuity.
      • These, of course, are the kind of continuity errors that are always present in action films, but they are pretty hard to ignore in this case.
      • When you're watching a seemingly coherent film, you do expect attention to detail and continuity, you also expect the use of logic and reason.
      • The viewer is left to create a large amount of continuity out of the dialogue and scenes that wander aimlessly.
      • I am, however, interested in knowing about any continuity errors, since it's possible that a few escaped my notice.
      • This is the reason for one of the obvious continuity errors in the film.
      • There are multiple continuity and timing errors.
      • They are quite forthright in letting us know about scenes that are meant to be homages to other western film-makers, or in pointing out instances where continuity errors occurred.
      • The continuity in this film is a bit off, in terms of coffee cups with too much or too little coffee to match the previous shot.

    • 2.2(TV, Rad)

      continuidad feminine
      before noun continuity announcer locutor de continuidad masculine
      • Did they think we would pay more attention to her than the regular continuity announcer?
      • A highly successful model, Pamela went on to become a continuity announcer.
      • This was seen on the BBC, as Ulster Television would use their continuity announcers to do the same.
      • Granted, a talent for arithmetic is not a CV prerequisite for your average continuity announcer, but the figure seemed a bit excessive, to say the least.
      • With the reshuffle in 1968, Colin took his chance to apply for continuity jobs around the network, including at the new Yorkshire Television.
      • Rather worryingly, one of the drivers I heard this afternoon sounded uncannily like a BBC continuity announcer I know.
      • Increasingly desperate methods are being used to make this shoddy solution of minimised continuity announcements seem effective.
      • What happened to the continuity announcers, and their studio?
      • The formal presentation that was often a requirement in the dress of in-vision continuity announcers has continued in another area of presenting on television and that is the news.
      • The BBC Television Service continuity announcers such as Valerie Pitts used these studios to anchor the single channel's programmes.
      • The adult education programme, religious service or sports outside broadcast would fade from view and the duty continuity announcer appear in vision.
      • Whilst not the first face to be seen on the channel, Muriel Young, who died on 24 March 2001, was one of the fledgling network's first female continuity announcers.
      • In fact she turned down the role and headed back to Wales, aware that the company that robbed her of her first television job were about to start broadcasting and would need a team of continuity announcers.
      • He'd be a terrible continuity announcer on Radio 4, that's for certain.
      • Those continuity announcers have also died with the stars of yesteryear.
      • Baker's stint, which begins at 7pm and ends at 9.30 pm, is thought to be the first time the BBC has used a celebrity as a continuity announcer.
      • We literally had to control all the sound and vision as the continuity announcer would do.
      • Paul's voice adopted the exaggerated tones of a TV continuity announcer.
      • Graham Roberts was a continuity announcer on Yorkshire Television for 22 years and was a presenter of news and features programmes.
      • John Benson was regarded by many in the trade, as the definitive continuity announcer of the sixties.