Translation of contract in Spanish:


contrato, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒntrakt//ˈkɑntrækt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (agreement) contrato masculine
      (for public works, services) contrata feminine
      (price) (before noun) contractual
      to enter into a contract (with sb) celebrar un contrato (con algn)
      • to honor/break a contract cumplir/incumplir / violar un contrato
      • contract of employment contrato de trabajo
      • under the terms of your contract según lo establecido en su contrato
      • a fixed contract un contrato fijo
      • to be under contract to sb/sth estar bajo contrato con algn/algo
      • to win/lose a contract obtener / conseguir/perder un contrato
      • to put sth out to contract otorgar la contrata de / para algo

    • 1.2(document)

      contrato masculine
      to sign a contract firmar un contrato
      • (in UK, in UK: on property deal) to exchange contracts suscribir el contrato de compraventa

  • 2slang

    (for murder)
    to put out a contract on sb ponerle precio a la cabeza de algn
    • The third tale speaks of El Chivo, a bitter ex-guerrilla-turned-hit man, who is given a contract to kill a wealthy businessman.
    • A jury could reject entirely your client's statements and say all of the evidence is consistent with his being involved in the contract killing.
    • There are so many people with contracts out on his life he has to look over his shoulder all the time.
    • Let us not forget that we are dealing with the alleged contract murder of a young naturopathic doctor, a crime that shocked the nation.
    • It was to have been a straight-forward contract killing arranged by an adulterous couple to rid them of the man's wife.
    • Then a solution presents itself: why not hire a contract killer?
    • For example, a serial killer and a contract killer both kill lots of people, but the crimes are essentially different.
    • The murder of a father-of-two, who was shot dead outside his Virginia Water home, could have been the victim of a contract killing, according to police.
    • The film, a story of a contract killer fighting his conscience more often than his bullet-laden opponents, makes some brave new noises.
    • Police have not ruled out robbery as a motive for the murder, but suspect it could have been a revenge murder or a contract killing disguised as a robbery.
    • When his boss becomes suspicious, the three decide to hire a contract killer, played by Adam Faith.
    • Whether it was a random killing, a settling of old accounts or a political contract killing remains unclear.
    • He had been offered $50,000 to carry out the hit, and was jailed for life for the contract killing.
    • A British woman who tried to arrange the contract killing of her husband was jailed for five years on Wednesday.
    • When he can't succeed in killing himself, he hires a contract killer to carry out the job for him.
    • The Hit Man's first step onto the slippery slope had been taking a contract to kill a gangster.
    • During the meeting, Hodson claimed he was offered a contract to kill an alleged amphetamine trafficker.
    • Vincent is a ruthless contract killer and has to kill five people in a single night.
    • Smith is accused by the Crown of being a contract killer, responsible for four other planned murders over the past 34 years.
    • There had been speculation that the couple, or a relative, had been on a witness protection scheme and that the shooting was a contract killing.
    • He could claim that while creating and producing hit game shows, he was also a contract assassin for the CIA.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (place under contract) contratar
  • 2

    (liability/debt) contraer formal
  • 3

    (disease) contraer formal
  • 4

    (muscle) contraer
  • 5

    (word/phrase) contraer

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (enter into an agreement)
    to contract ( with sb) for sth celebrar un contrato ( con algn) para algo
    • we hope to contract with them for the supply of ... esperamos celebrar un contrato con ellos para el suministro de ...
  • 2

    (become smaller)
    (metal/muscle/pupils) contraerse