Translation of contract bridge in Spanish:

contract bridge

contrato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnˌtrækt ˌbrɪdʒ///


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    contrato masculine
    • The late eighteenth-century game of high-stakes poker, which the Revolution and Napoleon had turned into Russian roulette, gave way to contract bridge.
    • This is the game that the plain word ‘bridge ‘originally referred to, before the development of auction bridge and then today's 'contract bridge.'
    • Although superseded by the crossword puzzle craze and contract bridge, it continued to be popular among Jewish matrons until the 1960s.
    • During this period it began to lose ground in favour of bridge, especially contract bridge.
    • Duplicate contract bridge, in which each competitor or team plays identical hands under similar conditions, is the main form of competitive bridge.