Translation of contribute in Spanish:


contribuir con, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈtrɪbjuːt//kənˈtrɪbjut//ˈkɒntrɪbjuːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (money/time) contribuir con
    (money/time) aportar
    (money/time) hacer una aportación de
    (time/money) hacer un aporte de Latin America
    (ideas/suggestions) aportar
    her performance contributes little to the production su actuación aporta muy poco a la obra
    • Thanks to parental and extended family support the children proudly contributed money to their class events.
    • It is a sad reflection on contemporary universities that academics contribute little to the discussion.
    • May is also disappointed with the local authority for not contributing towards the cost.
    • The conman asks the person contacted to contribute a small sum of money to speed up the release of the funds.
    • I invite people to contribute to the site - hopefully together we can make it better.
    • The group thank everyone who contributed so generously to their recent church gate collection.
    • The successful bidder will have to contribute its own funds to the incorporation of the fund.
    • They keep asking him if he's a member of or has ever contributed money to the Communist party.
    • Funds were contributed by private donors from Japan and the United States.
    • And once it works, people will be more inclined to contribute their tax dollars.
    • If they did not contribute money to buy charcoal, there was no food.
    • Probably the most tax-efficient shelter for your money is a pension - especially lucrative if your employer contributes money to it on your behalf.
    • The university will not have contributed any funding during the 15-year period.
    • He's a brilliant thinker and writer, and I thank him for contributing to this forum.
    • Contributions from the floor make up the discussion, and all are encouraged to contribute.
    • Hopefully, this article will contribute towards such a discussion.
    • The central government was also ready to contribute money to the project, he said.
    • I do well academically and contribute regularly to class discussions.
    • Samuelson said another half dozen individuals had also contributed money but he declined to reveal their identities.
    • We are asking for your generous support in contributing towards its cost.
    • In 1832, the House of Commons contributed funds towards the building of the new National Gallery in London.
    • The media can contribute significantly by taking a responsible and impartial stance on conflicts and violence.
    • Each member needs to contribute a small sum to join the campaign to fund the court action.
    • They should probably contribute their funds with more intelligence and care.
    • Visitors are also invited to contribute to the website and to radio programmes.
    • He wanted the businesses to contribute additional funds if they wanted any further upgrades.
    • They do not contribute any revenue and there is no evidence they are a Crown possession.
    • The fund contributes no money toward animal testing, concentrating instead on clinical trials using human volunteers.
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    (paper/poem/article) escribir
    he contributed two essays to the volume escribió dos ensayos para el libro
    • I used to contribute a lot of articles and interviews to the magazine, as well as taking most of the photos.
    • We have freedom to insert Bible messages in and contribute religious articles to the valley's weekly paper.
    • Others have contributed occasional articles to give us welcome variety.
    • This page is based on an article contributed by Anthony Smith.
    • He regularly contributes articles to the national press, radio and television.
    • I also will try to contribute an article now and then myself, on an ad hoc basis.
    • If you have something to share, please consider contributing an article.
    • When his wife was pregnant with their son, O'Connor says a newspaper editor rang him up asking him to contribute an article.
    • She also spent a year contributing articles to her local newspaper.
    • He edited the Journal, contributing many of its articles himself.
    • Thanks to everyone who contributed articles and photographs and those who helped with research and typing.
    • He was also writing comic books and contributing articles to counter-culture magazines.
    • He was a talented diagnostician and contributed several articles to medical journals.
    • The journal's staff of talented women writers contributed articles on a variety of topics.
    • Despite his busy schedule he contributed many articles on varied subjects.
    • This statement was never disputed by Dreser, who contributed the next article in the same publication.
    • In August 1916, before the volume appeared, Morrison had asked a Mr Farrant to contribute an article.
    • He was a prolific writer, contributing criticism to various magazines and newspapers.
    • She was a capable journalist and contributed numerous articles to several Australian newspapers.
    • If anyone would like to contribute articles or photographs they can do so to any committee member.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (play significant part)
    to contribute to sth contribuir a algo
    • their efforts contributed to the success of the campaign sus esfuerzos contribuyeron al éxito de la campaña
    • It was a remarkable moment in Scottish politics, contributing to a resounding result.
    • Judy says its success is down to the fact that everyone involved in the NHS contributes to it.
    • Paradoxically it is this smell that contributes to the therapeutic effect of garlic on the body.
    • Cultural practice again creates social experience and contributes to the formation of identities.
    • On one level, this undoubtedly contributes to a general atmosphere of mayhem.
    • As a result they will continue to contribute to the enhanced greenhouse effect.
    • It is not enough to state that a general culture of neglect contributed to deaths.
    • This effect could contribute to the health hazards related to alcoholism such as cancer risk.
    • His interest in travel and history contributed to a phenomenal general knowledge.
    • The narrow corridor and small doorways also contributes to the claustrophobic effect.
    • It also leads to high blood pressure which contributes to stroke and heart disease.
    • This gives his music a totally unique touch and contributes to the general bleak atmosphere.
    • The dye could contribute to an increased risk of cancer, says the Food Standard Agency.
    • A drop in body temperature contributes to the risk by thickening blood and restricting circulation.
    • Leigh Brown says that the inappropriate use of drugs is contributing to the emergence of resistant strains.
    • What then are the possible factors contributing to these disappointing results?
    • The priority given to low costs contributes to a consensus that service improvements are unlikely.
    • Why should we contribute to more atmospheric pollution when it is simply not necessary?
    • Stevenson is well known for contributing to the gains won by homosexual people.
    • This exploratory movement is necessarily slow and contributes to the overwhelming sense of calm.
  • 2

    (give money) contribuir
    (make social security contributions) hacer aportaciones
    (make social security contributions) cotizar aportes Spain
    (make social security contributions) aportar aportes River Plate
    (make social security contributions) hacer aportes River Plate
    (make social security contributions) imponer imposiciones Chile
    (make social security contributions) hacer imposiciones Chile
    to contribute to sth
    • they all contributed to his present todos contribuyeron con dinero para su regalo
    • to contribute to a fund hacer aportaciones a un fondo
  • 3

    to contribute to sth participar en algo
    • she contributes to class discussions participa en clase
  • 4

    to contribute to sth
    • she contributes regularly to 'The Clarion' escribe regularmente para 'The Clarion'