Translation of contrive in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kənˈtrʌɪv//kənˈtraɪv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to contrive to + inf lograr + inf/que + subj
    • they contrived to make it look like … se las ingeniaron / se las arreglaron para que pareciera que …
    • they contrived to lose yet again se las ingeniaron para volver a perder
    • Fragments are always contrived into a structure of continuity and context.
    • I was satisfied, however, that her account of the relevant conversations was an honest one, in the sense that they had not been deliberately contrived by her as a false account.
    • She knows that she must not run and yet, desperate as she is, cannot contrive an escape plan.
    • And truly the point is not to contrive a precise plan or even to pass a plan that does all of the above.
    • We contrived a number of chances to claim the biggest scalp of all during that game, but a couple of individual errors cost us dear.
    • The ones contriving the plan knew well enough to keep it secret from many friends and foes, and conned well enough to develop new technology almost completely foreign to the offending cultures.
    • Expression of the firm's history is contrived through design of the lobby.
    • The plot contrives miracles and coincidence to suggest there's something deeper going on behind the free-wheeling mess on-screen.
    • To complete his tapestry of interwoven plots, the resolution had to be brilliantly contrived.
    • I do not think these coincidences were consciously contrived.
    • The referendum itself was completely contrived.
    • Gilda soon runs away from the horrible situation, but Johnny contrives her return for a final confrontation.
    • The real miracle, though, is that you could contrive a way to have a food crisis.
    • He clearly did not want another plan for his assassination to be contrived.
    • The student had fabricated the story and, as it later appeared, contrived the voice of the second source as well.
    • It is something that cannot be contrived in normal circumstances.
    • He briefly tried his hand at furniture design and excels at contriving quirky contraptions and uncanny objects, some of which find their way into elaborate environments.
    • As a consequence story-writers are forced to contrive elaborate plots that just go on and on and on.
    • And since I'm making melodrama, contriving a plot is hardly a betrayal of that.
    • Another dictionary I looked at actually states that an architect is a person who plans, devises, or contrives the achievement of a desired result.
  • 2

    (device/method) idear
    (meeting) arreglar