Translation of convent in Spanish:


convento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒnv(ə)nt//ˈkɑnˌvɛnt/


  • 1

    convento masculine
    • His son had died and after that he had sent his two daughters to a convent school to be educated.
    • It was her father's fame that took the family first to London and then to Paris, where Lillian found herself miserable and alone in a Catholic convent school.
    • However, Mary Douglas's time in a convent school is not normative for people in our society.
    • Harris taught for a short while at the convent school she had attended as a young girl and, briefly, at the Catholic Women's Teachers Training College until 1966.
    • The nuns in the convent school teach her how to read, write, and speak Spanish, and the priests give her and her community political advice to organize and unite in solidarity.
    • I thought of the convent school in which I was educated from kindergarten to high school.
    • She reported this to the Archbishop and she also offended him by not inviting him to manage her convent school.
    • She was educated at a convent school, married a dashing young Indian doctor - a cousin-by-marriage to the Queen Mother - and began a happy union which was to take her halfway round the world.
    • An impossibly attractive, damp-eyed French girl radiating a soft sense of melancholy shot straight from a convent school into the charts.
    • Judging it ‘too decorous ’, she put on her own production at her convent school.
    • Robert spent his first six months of schooling at the convent school as it was not so far to walk.
    • Shortly after 6pm on a Monday, the only signs of life are students from the convent school waiting for a lift home and some passing cars.
    • Instead of sending her to a convent school he decided that she should be taught at home, and she received the sort of education that was more typical for boys.
    • She was born a girl in a small French village in the middle of the 19th century, and she was sent to a convent school (she came from a poor background) where she thrived.
    • You were educated in a convent school, you are a feminist, you know post-colonial theory.
    • Perhaps it was because I hadn't been to a convent school.
    • So Jim had a little sister who was going to the local convent school.
    • When two orphaned sisters are forced to leave a convent school, their lives take opposite directions.
    • That's how she ended up at a convent school in Hampshire, before finishing her studies in France.