Translation of conversational in Spanish:


familiar, adj.

Pronunciation /kɒnvəˈseɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ˌkɑnvərˈseɪʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


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    (manner/tone/style) familiar
    (manner/style/tone) coloquial
    • Off stage, Rob Campbell is one of the most relaxed and conversational people you'll ever meet.
    • Like a person sitting in the car park outside the gym, knowing they've got to go in and get exercising, I am perpetually a conversational sluggard.
    • And yet other times, in the spur of the conversational moment, I'm lost for the right words.
    • And here I was, in a social situation which required - at least as I saw it - all my best conversational skills.
    • The flippancy of this conversational gambit does not impress her.
    • Different people in different situations call for different conversational styles, and I have them all lined up in neat little boxes, ready to go.
    • She ties things together in ways that haven't yet become conversational fodder.
    • They also receive training in popular culture and current events to improve their conversational skills.
    • For this event, we sat together at a table on stage - the interview process being more relaxed and conversational.
    • I love making no sense in my conversational patterns sometimes.
    • Teaching conversational English (listening and speaking) is not as easy as it sounds.
    • His writing is known for its conversational, dynamic quality.
    • Start building your aerobic base by exercising at a conversational pace for an hour, two days a week.
    • Again, all my mates have read it and I haven't, which can lead to an embarrassing conversational hiatus in the pub.
    • To my considerable surprise, they formed an instant, eager bond, and went into a tight conversational huddle for the next 45 minutes or so.
    • After reading the article, I decided to go further and be friendly towards them and welcome any form of conversational topic.
    • He isn't as verbal or as sharp as Howard, but has a more casual, conversational approach.
    • Though her words were conversational and casual, her tone was smooth and deadly.
    • Her attitude and manner was much more conversational and friendly this time.
    • Maybe this is because the air is clearing on what these media are good for, and with people online more and more they've become quicker and more conversational.
    • Every once in a while there is a page of text with extremely conversational, seemingly unedited commentary.
    • My store of conversational openers seems thoroughly inadequate to the task.
    • So this was a rare opportunity to test their conversational skills.
    • I'm trying to be a lot more conversational than dictatorial, and this informality leads to these kind of slips.
    • Another mile and a half brought him to the next settlement, and being short of conversational gambits, he again asked what this was called.
    • You've given me an interesting conversational gambit when that happens.
    • He has an easy conversational style and moves smoothly through a presentation that is so detailed there is very little left to question at the end.
    • She sings with a conversational freedom and impeccable, colloquial diction.
    • Then suddenly, almost mid-sentence, Thomas does a conversational U - turn.
    • At first, I thought this might be a conversational gambit, a feigned interest.
    • He's strong but he's conversational, and there aren't too many people that have that.
    • Her ear for colloquial phrases and conversational interplay is equally impressive.
    • His conversational style, emphasised by his use of italics and capitalisation, has attracted generations of readers.
    • Then mother comes back, using a spare, friendly, and conversational style.
    • In a conversational style, Dale Carnegie offers practical advice and techniques on how to get out of a mental rut and make life more rewarding.
    • He said it in a flat, almost conversational way, devoid of tone or expression.
    • Instant messaging is even more conversational and speed is even more important, so proper English has almost vanished.
    • Having that information beforehand will make you more confident and conversational in your approach.
    • It transpired that my conversational companion and I both had firm ideas as to the character of each of our future funerals.
    • My supervisor, instead of being very rigid, now was more conversational, kinder, warmer.