Translation of convict in Spanish:


recluso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒnvɪkt//ˈkɑnˌvɪkt/


  • 1

    recluso masculine
    reclusa feminine
    presidiario masculine
    presidiaria feminine

transitive verb

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    declarar culpable
    she was convicted on eight charges of espionage fue declarada culpable de ocho acusaciones de espionaje
    • a convicted murderer/rapist un asesino/violador convicto
    • to be convicted of sth ser condenado por algo
    • he was convicted of murdering his wife fue condenado por el asesinato de su esposa
    • The rest of us are aware how low the chances are of actually arresting and convicting anyone for an offence in the first place.
    • The Court of Criminal Appeal held that the jury acted unreasonably in convicting him of that count.
    • The prosecution's use of such evidence to stampede a jury into convicting him of multiple felonies flies in the face of the First Amendment.
    • Her most recent trial ended last week with the jury split 8 to 4 in favor of convicting her of second-degree murder after six days of deliberations.
    • The same result was reached when a judge in the Court convicting the applicants had presided over another trial in which the other participants in the same criminal incident had been convicted.
    • At his trial, a jury spent 24 days considering a verdict before convicting him of conning thousands of Britons, many of them elderly, out of their savings.
    • Prosecutors fear that if they can only show he was acting suspiciously, the jury may be swayed by the defence into convicting him of a lesser offence, preventing a death sentence.
    • If so, Morrison wants to know whether the judge who convicted him was aware of this fact.
    • He knew that the cheque would bounce, and at first instance he was convicted of theft.
    • Although he denied the charge, he was convicted of robbery and jailed for six years.
    • He was convicted of a series of offences arising from the photography at an earlier hearing.
    • The jury convicted you on the basis of observations, phone calls and books on that basis.
    • Williams was also convicted of the theft of two cars and an unrelated burglary.
    • I think a jury would have a much more difficult time in convicting him.
    • He was not convicted of any offence, but the police refused to return the money.
    • To name culprits who had not defended themselves and were not obliged to do so would have been the moral equivalent to convicting someone without due process.
    • The reality is that he was convicted of an offence to which he could have pleaded guilty.
    • First, he criticised judges for not convicting criminals often enough when prosecutors bring cases before them.
    • But the jury rejected his account, convicting him of murder by a majority verdict.
    • The count on which he was convicted was the first count of a three count indictment.

intransitive verb

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