Translation of convinced in Spanish:


convencido, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈvɪnst//kənˈvɪnst/


  • 1

    (pacifist/christian) convencido
    • A convinced anticlerical, he regarded all saints and visionaries as hysterics.
    • The they had supported the Prague Spring in a convinced, brotherly, and firm manner.
  • 2

    to be convinced of sth estar convencido de algo
    • to be convinced that estar convencido de que
    • Having read many of Mr Brown's letters I am firmly convinced that he cares little for animal welfare.
    • I am not at all convinced of their reasons for thinking this, but I'll come to that later.
    • Last I heard, his tragic wife, convinced of his innocence, was campaigning to clear his name.
    • We were also convinced of the rightness of our cause and drawn into close bonds with each other and our allies.
    • I know this sounds a very simplistic solution to a very complex issue, but I am convinced of its truth.
    • Personally, I have never been fully convinced of his unmatchable badness.
    • He is not convinced a truth commission could completely address this problem.
    • If the government is not convinced of the necessity of a project, then no money is granted.
    • I am firmly convinced that the future of British politics lies in the hands of smaller parties - and lots of them.
    • Maybe a lot of the public is not convinced of that yet, and it's not a conventional war.
    • These are powerful men convinced of their own entitlement to bounty and governance.
    • We are proud of our high journalistic standards and we would not publish any story unless entirely convinced of its accuracy.
    • Forces will not be committed to action if we are not convinced of their capability.
    • Many doctors are not convinced of a link between iron levels and heart disease in men.
    • It is available to all those who hear the new truth and feel inwardly convinced of its desirability.
    • Surprisingly, several of the undecided came away from Clarke's meeting convinced of his arguments.
    • He took with him messages of support from Andy's family and friends, who remain convinced of his innocence.
    • Now they are firmly convinced of their truth, and most of them turn with hatred against any kind of personal property.
    • Most of all, he remains touchingly convinced of his powers of persuasion.
    • Having taken health supplements as a competitive swimmer, Wilkie became convinced of their efficacy.