Translation of convivial in Spanish:


cordial, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈvɪvɪəl//kənˈvɪviəl/


  • 1

    (atmosphere) cordial
    (atmosphere) ameno
    (atmosphere) de camaradería
    he was in a very convivial mood estaba muy simpático / sociable / expansivo
    • Certainly it was all very merry, convivial and informal.
    • The audience thrilled to everything they watched and a festive, convivial atmosphere marked the whole occasion.
    • Following the meeting, there was a convivial lunch with local hosts and the announcement of prizes won.
    • Or you could simply soak up the convivial atmosphere and practise your French with the friendly stallholders.
    • There's an exceptionally warm, relaxed and convivial atmosphere here, with comfy sofas on rugged quarry tiles and a log-burning stove.
    • It was a lively, convivial atmosphere - gone but not forgotten.
    • The atmosphere was convivial and the crowds thronged accordingly.
    • But she travels, writes, cooks and cultivates her friendships over long, convivial lunches at her beloved kitchen table.
    • The convivial, unpretentious atmosphere and the often interesting art and photography exhibitions are highlights too.
    • It's a convivial scene where people actually talk to each other; it is definitely not for those who prefer to stand and pose and give off icy attitude.
    • The after dinner events included music, dance and convivial conversations, which were thoroughly enjoyed by all present for this special occasion.
    • Enjoy a glass of wine, discuss, argue or simply listen and soak up the convivial atmosphere of this book gathering.
    • On the whole our writing sessions are convivial.
    • The clientele is a broader mix than your typical midtown crowd, creating an atmosphere that's more convivial than intimidating.
    • This article suggests these were not for new mothers, but rather for convivial suppers, with the liquor drunk from the spout and the ‘custard’ eaten from the top.
    • Nonetheless, its gentleness and compassion for its characters make it a very enjoyable and convivial way to spend two hours.
    • Here there are frequent, warmly convivial gatherings which involve the consumption of generous quantities of alcohol.
    • It was a magnificent evening and it was good to meet so many friends in such a convivial and joyful atmosphere.
    • I would describe the event as a convivial talk with a rather short period for questions.
    • Traditionally set tables are far enough apart to be intimate but close enough to augment the convivial atmosphere.