Translation of convulsive in Spanish:


convulsivo, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈvəlsɪv//kənˈvʌlsɪv/


  • 1

    he collapsed into convulsive laughter le dio un ataque de risa
    • Rush theorized that all disease arose from convulsive action in the blood vessels, which he treated by purging and bleeding his patients, and inducing vomiting.
    • Room's movements were becoming more erratic and convulsive, and he seemed to have entered a trance-like state.
    • My daughter came running to meet us, and we showed her the fish, but as it slithered from the plastic carrier bag into which we had folded it, the jaws gave one last convulsive shudder and she was convinced it had tried to bite her.
    • And so complete was the bodily shut-down, with rapid eye movement and convulsive twitching, that a fierce pinch of the skin or a prick with a needle did nothing to wake her.
    • After a second or two the rabbits tumble into the light, their convulsive movements expressive of a primordial terror.
    • With that she stormed off leaving the rest of us rolling about in convulsive laughter.
    • Everything is fluid and in the throes of convulsive movement; yet, like the struts on the vase, stout pillars anchor and arrest the flow.
    • It breathed hard, and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs.
    • Ben could feel the trembling in his slender frame, see the convulsive hitch of his shoulders as he fought against sobs.
    • His letters stirred Mr. Gladstone into a convulsive paroxysm of burning revolt against the barbarities they described.
    • A rabbit in its last convulsive leap appeared briefly, and the white-haired one stepped briskly forward to pick it up.
    • They had convulsive seizures, blasphemous screaming and trance-like state of mind.
    • He pulled the flask out with a series of quick, almost convulsive movements.
    • A female patient complains of dramatic mood swings, paralysis on one side of her body, hallucinations, convulsive seizures, and religious delusions.
    • I could recognize that this is the emotional state I feel before I have those grand mal convulsive seizures that are what people think of when they think of epilepsy, but I don't.
    • Devon struggled to speak through the convulsive shivering that wracked his body.
    • She awoke, her body protesting as she drew a convulsive breath and sat up.