Translation of coop in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kuːp//kup//kʊp/


  • 1

    chicken/hen coop gallinero masculine
    • The reason I recommend this method is that, the birds being so valuable, the owners do not permit them to roost around promiscuously, they put them in a coop as strong as a fireproof safe and keep it in the kitchen at night.
    • Other projects under way in the four-storey space include rearing chickens in a coop on the roof and growing vegetables in the back garden.
    • Many of the lots had a barn for a cow and horses, and a coop for chickens.
    • If we don't stop these groups, tomorrow you won't be able to milk cows or keep chickens in coops.
    • Always fashionable, I went with a shabby chic motif for my coop.
    • I found a brown egg the size of an acorn in the coop.
    • Five months later, we had a coop and four hens.
    • But then he mumbled "chickens" and "roosting", so I decided he must have given more thought to my suggestion to build a coop in the back garden.
    • At the side of the house stood a barn, and a coop full of chickens scratching at the dry cracked earth.
    • For $80, the farmer sold his guests eight metal nesting boxes, old barn wood with which to build a coop, four Rhode Island Reds, and a sack of feed.