Translation of cooperation in Spanish:


cooperación, n.

Pronunciation /koʊˌɑpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//kəʊˌɒpəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    cooperación feminine
    colaboración feminine
    cooperation with sb/sth cooperación / colaboración con algn/algo
    • your cooperation is appreciated se agradece su colaboración
    • Your co-operation is requested by the pastoral council in this worthwhile project.
    • He thanked everyone for their co-operation and support during his time as senior development officer.
    • Authorities have requested understanding and cooperation from consumers.
    • We thank the symposium participants for their contributions and cooperation.
    • He would not have been in a position to offer that degree of assistance or co-operation to Mr Sherwood if the other officers were still to be tried alongside him.
    • She thanked her fellow officers and all the members for their support and cooperation.
    • They want police to inform these gold shops of the proposal and request their cooperation.
    • They requested the neighbours' co-operation in taking the daughter out for an hour or so, given prior notice.
    • From this forum, I again request that understanding, cooperation and support.
    • The effect of recent legislative changes means that the state can now extract much more co-operation from a suspect.
    • He said that the British prime minister had given an assurance that the inquiry would receive the fullest possible co-operation.
    • Your co-operation and assistance is appreciated and encouraged.
    • The former minister is reported to have been informed that he might receive immunity in return for co-operation with the work of the inquiry.
    • The accounting firm would be under strict terms of cooperation with federal prosecutors, the Times said.
    • The organisers wish to thank all members, buyers, sponsors and supporters for their help and cooperation.
    • You sideline friends and allies, whose cooperation could help preserve your security.
    • The committee request your co-operation in the work being carried out.
    • The police are requesting the public's cooperation in the search for the missing boy.
    • The builders present in the meeting assured to extend all possible help and co-operation to city police, the release added.
    • They also thank the collectors for their help and co-operation.