Translation of cooperative in Spanish:


de colaboración, adj.

Pronunciation /kəʊˈɒp(ə)rətɪv//koʊˈɑp(ə)rədɪv/


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    (attitude) de colaboración
    (attitude) cooperativo
    he was very cooperative se mostró muy dispuesto a cooperar / a colaborar
    • the children weren't very cooperative los niños pusieron poco de su parte
    • The partner institutions have been consistently cooperative and responsive.
    • So they won't be very cooperative if our goal is just to get them to stop building.
    • The company are appealing for your support in this matter and would like a full and co-operative response from the public at large.
    • She has been co-operative and compliant with completing this Parenting Capacity Assessment.
    • I feel we ought to at least appear co-operative to minimise the scrutiny about the complaints.
    • This was in response to reports that they were not being fully cooperative.
    • It develops self-motivated learners and responsible, co-operative and caring adults.
    • Your client did not really display any very co-operative attitude towards the police officer.
    • He is also a very co-operative and accommodating person and a joy to have around.
    • Yet since the contracts in question have already been written, a co-operative response from the developers is essential if the new approach is to succeed.
    • He said most hotels were co-operative and normally helped travel agencies find other accommodation when forced to close or when under redecoration.
    • He is cooperative but still uncomfortable with the responsibility.
    • Come on folks, let us be co-operative and considerate towards others!
    • Needless to say, not only are they compliant, cooperative, and suggestible, but most have already made up their minds in volunteering to help out and do exactly as they are told.
    • So there's been some evidence that they're moving toward a more cooperative position with the United States.
    • The first team was very responsive and cooperative in updating data.
    • Participants should act in a timely and co-operative manner to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.
    • They were very co-operative and helpful but their recollection was poor.
    • To my surprise most people were fairly co-operative, and no one even complained about the scoring system.
    • Moreover, patient care may be compromised: informed patients are likely to be more cooperative and compliant and recover more quickly.
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    (venture/effort) conjunto
    • Toward this effort the United States has cooperative agreements with many other nations to intercept drug activity.
    • The model here is that of a cooperative or mutual society.
    • Much more common are cooperative agreements between local TV stations and the newspapers in those communities, says Northwestern's Gordon.
    • It's one of the leading states embracing the cooperative business model.
    • The land was once used by local Mexican farmers as public-owned cooperative farms.
    • In 1889 he settled in Ireland and began preaching co-operative farming.
    • Both countries agreed to work towards a constructive and cooperative relationship for the twenty-first century.
    • These have poured in from Vietnam, where cooperative farming produces much cheaper rice.
    • The conversations we are imagining are cooperative attempts to find joint solutions to common problems.
    • There was no street trading, only large state-managed outlets for the distribution of goods from state-controlled co-operative farms and industries.
    • These co-operative businesses boosted the local economy in the eighties and even led to the improvement of infrastructure in the area.
    • In this respect, the development of co-operative regimes for the common management of international watercourses has not yet been sufficiently comprehensive or effective.
    • Some of these relationships are competitive, predatorial, and parasitic; others are mutual, cooperative, and supportive.
    • Eight members of our faculty carried on cooperative housekeeping.
    • It is oriented specifically toward adoption of cooperative learning in postsecondary settings.
    • This led to the creation of large, industrialized, cooperative farms.
    • According to the tribe, their cooperative businesses have turned a profit every year since 1986.
    • Of course, we do have some international institutions that are making progress toward cooperative solutions.
    • At independence, the government set up cooperative farms and made some attempt to redistribute land under a socialist model.
    • We need a water policy, which recognises that water management must involve communities and households to become the biggest cooperative enterprise in the country.
    • Farmers can give away control of their cooperative businesses, but it cannot be taken away from them.
    • In India, these are cooperative farms or fishing enterprises, created by the movement.
    • ‘The changes are a step back to the state-controlled cooperative farms,’ he said.
    • We live in a civil society with people working for cooperative goals.
    • He spent six months in the country working on a co-operative farm.
    • Clearly he cannot do it alone and a remedy to this new cash crisis will only come as a joint co-operative effort by everyone concerned.
    • Such top-down control over reproduction is a common feature of cooperative animal societies.
    • The authors address this question by exploring activities that are interactive, cooperative, and collaborative.
    • Personal responsibility, used in this way, is opposed to the concept of an inter-dependent and mutually co-operative community.
    • He also admitted that it would probably take two or three decades for the peasant to be convinced that cooperative agriculture would be more efficient.
    • My friends Max and Bill, both woodworkers, were sharing a cooperative woodworking shop on the North Side, and it had an opening.
    • I'm starting to see a trend in game design away from one-winner-take-all games and more towards cooperative games which can have multiple winners or no winners at all.
    • Likewise, not every situation is suited for a cooperative business structure.
    • Second, they are more likely to have members committed to cooperative organization than are coops founded when socialist ideology is weak.
    • The earlier interest in voluntary associational schemes, such as land settlement communes and cooperative enterprises, lapsed.
    • Respondents agreed the work still remains a cooperative business.
    • According to the current legislation, neither cooperative farms nor leaseholders can use the land as a guarantee for a loan.
    • The co-operative commonwealth itself is, they insist, for the distant future.
    • Teams that had developed collectivist rather than individualistic values were found to have cooperative goals.
    • Increasingly, firms are changing the way they do business, away from one-off transactions which are individually negotiated, towards ongoing co-operative relationships.
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    (farm) en régimen de cooperativa
    cooperative society/store cooperativa feminine
    • cooperative building


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    cooperativa feminine
    agricultural cooperative cooperativa agraria
    • The share purchase obligates the cooperative to accept the unit at an established price.
    • All companies, from multinationals to local organic cooperatives, operate in the market and therefore have to produce a profit.
    • The trade unions and cooperatives also had 100 reserved seats each.
    • Members look to their cooperatives for services and support in both difficult and good times.
    • Many local grain marketing and farm supply cooperatives are not consistently profitable.
    • The plant has been a great asset to its member cooperatives and has saved them a considerable amount of money.
    • Rosemary has been an active member of women's co-operatives since leaving university, where she completed an MA in religious studies.
    • Farm supply and sugar cooperatives ended the year with larger net losses than in 2000.
    • In some cases, members of agricultural cooperatives were permitted to farm individually.
    • Most of the decline is attributed to diversified and farm supply cooperatives.
    • Government aid can also be fairly distributed to each member of the cooperatives.
    • As a political force, worker cooperatives are only beginning to find their voice.
    • He has published articles on affordable housing cooperatives and the economics of education.
    • From a financial standpoint, cooperatives may need to rethink how benefits are paid.
    • The real estate assets don't affect the day-to day business of the cooperatives.
    • What must cooperatives return to members in exchange for higher levels of equity investment?
    • In other parts of the world unions are active in promoting democratic worker cooperatives to organize workers.
    • Unions, the students' federation, housing cooperatives and neighbourhood organisations all took part.
    • As those markets change, so too, do the fortunes of cooperatives and members.
    • Credit unions are community savings and loan co-operatives where members can save small or large amounts or borrow from the fund.