Translation of coproduce in Spanish:


coproducir, v.

Pronunciation /kəʊprəˈdjuːs//ˌkoʊprəˈd(j)us/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • In addition, we produce or co-produce two to three television movies a year, to help demonstrate that there is an audience for family friendly programming.
    • He has since co-produced ice skating shows and series for American television.
    • It is based on a play by Tom Stoppard, who has also directed and co-produced it.
    • This programme has been co-produced by the presenter Chris Green and David Conn.
    • He has a thorough knowledge of the children's market place and considerable experience of buying and co-producing both live action and animation.
    • Cast details have yet to be announced for the production, which will be co-produced with Dublin's Gate Theatre.
    • Additional episodes were co-produced by the network.
    • He was Editor of the Polish Service and the producer of a major BBC radio series co-produced with Radio Russia.
    • They are co-producing a documentary film about the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.
    • Newfield co-produced a documentary about Robinson for HBO in 1998.
    • BBC Chinese has teamed up with Shanghai East Radio News Channel to co-produce its first ever radio debate in Shanghai.
    • Though a low budget film, its promos were continuously aired by Asianet, which co-produced the film.
    • And now Michael Whaley has rediscovered her and co-produced the musical he co-wrote with Steve Mackes.
    • In effect, CNN worked with the U.S. government to co-produce the program.
    • In addition to the novel, she co-produced a documentary movie.
    • Miller, who also co-produced the movie, describes the shoot as ‘deceptively difficult.’
    • She dedicated a song to my mentor Kim who also co-produced the festival.
    • At least part of the criticism seems to be down to the fact that MTV co-produced the film.
    • The half-hour-long syndicated show that Smith co-produces pulls stories from his site's 35 million members.
    • As well she is an independent film-maker, co-producing her first documentary for broadcast on ABC television in the second half of 2003.