Translation of copy in Spanish:


copia, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒpi//ˈkɑpi/


  • 1

    • 1.1(of painting, statue)

      copia feminine
      • The church dates back to the medieval period, but the Lantern Tower was replaced with an identical copy in 1837.
      • Uncertain which of the three sons to give it to, he had two identical copies made, so that he could give a ring to each son.
      • And how, if at all, did you indicate that this was a copy or an identical copy, how do you know that?
      • That sum is how much it would cost to create an identical copy of the parliament from scratch should the controversial original be obliterated in a disaster.
      • The control room was an identical copy - to the eighth of an inch - of the Sound Factory.
      • And to make the leap from life to death less abrupt, the inhabitants have constructed an identical copy of their city, underground.
      • Obviously, these are copies, fakes, pirate booty.
      • For instance, reproductive cloning that produces many identical copies could make conventional police work much harder to do.
      • The industrial building, next to the villa, at first seemed to be an identical copy of the main villa.
      • The monumental tomb was an identical copy of the tomb of Lenin, which can still be seen in Moscow.
      • In the new host the necessary acids are floating around and they quickly join up with their complement acid, forming an identical copy.
      • There is one bookcase in the room, its shelves filled with identical copies of the dictionary.
      • Wee Nit (the adorable) is an identical copy of her twin sister, Ying.
      • Thus, Jaffe commissioned an identical copy from Marco that was precisely one-half the size.
      • Did the files he was looking at contain multiple identical copies of each document?
      • The first thing to note is that it is apparent that the copy is an identical copy inasmuch as there is the same blank on the original.
      • Why would Berger remove five identical copies of the same report, shred three of them with a pair of scissors, and return the other two to the archives?
      • The only way another person could enjoy that particular painting was if an identical copy was made.
      • Someone had stolen ALL our furniture and left identical copies in the same spots.
      • It is now hoped that the horse-cloning technique can be used to produce identical copies of champion jumpers and show horses.

    • 1.2(of document)

      copia feminine
      the customer keeps the top copy el cliente se queda con el original
      • Worldwide, 13 million copies of the book had rolled off the presses in a massive print run.
      • The prices for single copies and subscriptions were relatively high, but the elite audience was able to pay the price.
      • The Enquirer sold a record 6.5 million copies of the issue containing that shot.
      • The Daily Mail, a revolutionary departure from the leaden format of its contemporaries, sold a record breaking 300,000 copies of its first issue.
      • Their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, produces millions of copies of books which expose the errors of evolution and give evidence for creation.
      • A number of newspapers and a broadcast network have asked to purchase extra copies of the special issue.
      • It is adapted from the first in the series of books by CS Lewis, which have sold millions of copies since their initial publication, 50 years ago.
      • The book has sold more than 6.5 million copies since its publication last year, breaking sales records for a novel in its first 12 months, and is set to be made into a film.
      • These things sell like hot cakes, millions of copies per issue, which is amazing since very few people will ever admit to reading one.
      • Under section 9 of the Copyright Act of 1994, the copyright owner has the right to issue to the public copies of sound recordings and films.
      • Orders for the signed, numbered and limited edition copies of this new book go on sale December 26!
      • Before, during and after World War II, honor systems were used to sell single copies of newspapers.
      • In a way it isn't the authenticity of the work that counts, I don't think you can just issue 20 copies of limited editions of your film to people.
      • Again, the public's response was overwhelmingly positive; the single sold eight million copies.
      • They will also see regional authors reading from their latest publication and signing copies of their books.
      • Outside, the Bookmobile will be downloading, printing, binding, and giving away for free copies of public domain books.
      • And on the verge of conquering radio and selling nearly a million copies of that record, they kept their promise.
      • It sold over 20 million copies in book form and sparked three sequels at the cinema.
      • He had managed to ask the librarian to sell him cheap copies of the record books, and was headed towards the ship, books in hand and Laya at his side.
      • And Guildford Library in Surrey claims it will be the only library in the country that will issue copies of the new book to fans at midnight.

  • 2

    (of newspaper, book)
    ejemplar masculine
    back copy número atrasado masculine
    • presentation copy ejemplar de cortesía
  • 3

    • 3.1(text)

      he/she must be able to produce clear copy debe saber redactar con claridad
      • I got my copy in by midnight entregué el artículo (/ reportaje etc. ) antes de la media noche
      • she wrote the copy for the campaign se encargó de la redacción de los textos de la campaña
      • good news doesn't make good copy las buenas noticias no se venden bien

    • 3.2(unprinted matter)

      manuscrito masculine
      • You will also have to write copy (basically articles) that communicates when being spoken.
      • Mr Jones submits that it was right to look first at the criminal conduct of the investigatory journalists who spent money freely to provide copy for their newspaper.
      • Although it made great copy for the newspapers, it suggested the Rocket was in bad-tempered mode - and some felt he might be about to self-destruct.
      • We use allusions to popular songs in headlines and in copy and we tend not to get accused of violating copyright.
      • If you see a bit of lazy newspaper copy promoting our former favourite as some kind of internet sensation, you know where it came from.
      • Other newspapers ran equally dramatic copy, using military metaphors to show the growing rift between doctors and the health secretary.
      • Some journalists are fond of staging rescue operations that make great copy for newspapers.
      • We hear that a group of freelance journalists in the US are suing a leading national newspaper for posting their copy on its Web site without permission.
      • How many times should you use your primary keyword in your web copy and your article submissions?
      • Newspaper editors happily confirm that Churchill stories make great copy, especially since in the UK one cannot sue for libel on behalf of the dead.
      • Try to avoid redundant copy in the headline, sub-head, cutline, and lead.
      • He has been supplying newspaper men with good copy for generations.
      • Unfortunately she started writing copy for women's magazines which was beyond parody.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (painting/statue) copiar
  • 2

    (memo/letter) fotocopiar
  • 3

    (notes/passage/poem) copiar
    to copy sth from / off sb copiarle algo a algn
    • to copy sth from / out of sth copiar algo de algo
  • 4

    (singer/painter) copiarle a
    (style/behavior) copiar
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intransitive verb

  • 1

    (candidates/children) copiar
    I was caught copying off Jack me pescaron copiándole a Jack
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