Translation of copyright in Spanish:


copyright, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒpɪrʌɪt//ˈkɑpiˌraɪt/


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    copyright masculine
    derechos de reproducción masculine
    to hold the copyright on sth tener el copyright / los derechos de algo
    • it comes out of copyright next year el copyright vence / los derechos vencen el año que viene
    • This could be sound, pictures, movies or texts that have no copyright, in legal terms.
    • Now they seem to think that out of print and out of copyright are the same thing.
    • Unlike copyright, patents give holders exclusive rights to a technology for a set number of years.
    • The legal system protects intellectual property through patents and copyright.
    • Standards New Zealand came and explained the legal implications around copyright.
    • This sort of thing is entirely acceptable in the pop world, as long as the end result does not infringe the original copyright.
    • Every modern legal judgment concerning copyright, from the Berne Convention to the Betamax case, is on my side.
    • They claimed that his new material infringed their copyright on some of his old songs.
    • Please be sure all reprints retain the original copyright, source, and author name.
    • But for the vast majority of musical artists, their copyrights are a woefully inadequate tool for leveraging their way to a mass audience.
    • The most common argument in favour of the distribution of exclusive copyrights is that they provide an incentive for artists and scientists to create their works.
    • When creativity is stifled by copyright, the original intention of the law is lost.
    • One good reason to register is to establish a public record of your copyright.
    • In most countries, organisations have been created which control the exercise of copyright in performing and recording rights.
    • Some universities claim outright copyright on any materials produced by academic staff.
    • It compels the sharing of that amount between the owner of copyright in the artistic work and the owner of copyright in the literary work.
    • We think of creative work as a purely human thing, and wrap invention in mystery and legal monopoly of copyrights and patents.
    • Sometimes when copyright on a film expires, all sorts of stakeholders come forward.
    • The possession of copyright in published material may also lead to a conclusion of dominance if the relevant market is drawn tightly.
    • Many choose to register their works because they wish to have the facts of their copyright on the public record and have a certificate of registration.


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    this film is copyright todos los derechos de esta película están reservados
    • To qualify for copyright protection under the Berne Convention there must be no requirement to register or deposit copies of a work.
    • Up for discussion still is how to treat the circumvention of copyright protection mechanisms.
    • The whole point of copyright law is to protect works even when they are broadly published.
    • There's a huge cost that's incurred when you increase copyright protection.
    • Be this as it may, as was seen earlier, form was not important in the attraction of copyright protection in the present case.
    • Title and intellectual property rights are protected by the copyright laws and treaties.
    • And judges seem to take a much dimmer view of any tampering with copyright protection.
    • This document is protected by applicable copyright laws and international treaties.
    • The following sites contain useful information on copyright protection in various parts of the world.
    • InterTrust has been developing copyright protection and management mechanisms for digital data for a decade or more.
    • Equally, Barry may not have made any move on supporting copyright protection technology.
    • They invent a new form of copyright protection which is then broken by hackers.
    • It is a groundbreaking attempt to protect a fictional storyline with a patent, rather than relying on copyright protection.
    • The Register will act as a proving ground for existing copyright protection schemes and as a test bed for future technologies.
    • Where, for instance, is the actual damage caused by extended copyright protection for books?
    • Creating devices that circumvent copyright protection measures is a violation of the DMCA.
    • Why were so many fans outraged when Tubular Bells was released recently with digital copyright protection?
    • This very diversity means that the purpose behind copyright protection may not always be the same.
    • Forthcoming EU legislation could criminalise Europeans who circumvent copyright protection.
    • Having a few years of copyright protection is a good incentive.

transitive verb

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    obtener el copyright de
    registrar los derechos de