Translation of core in Spanish:


corazón, n.

Pronunciation /kɔː//kɔr/


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    • 1.1

      (of apple, pear) corazón masculine
      (of apple, pear) centro masculine
      (of Earth) centro masculine
      (of Earth) núcleo masculine
      (of magnet) núcleo masculine
      (of mold) macho masculine
      (of nuclear reactor) núcleo masculine
      to the core
      • the organization is rotten to the core la organización está totalmente corrompida
      • she's American to the core es americana hasta la médula
      • his behavior shocked me to the core su comportamiento me horrorizó
      • Grate the unpeeled apples, discarding core and seeds.
      • Sulfur is iron-loving, so it likes to reside in the iron core of a planet.
      • If this process persists, the planet could be stripped to its dense core in a few billion years.
      • Two years ago last week, Standard Life Bank arrived on the scene and shook the banking market to the core.
      • With a paring knife, cut out the tough core and any bits of hard matter surrounding it.
      • Magnus shrugged as he took a last bite of the apple and twirled the core by the stem.
      • I told you again that you were the reason Adam ate the apple and its core.
      • We simply have to follow safety procedures when it comes to flushing reactor cores of waste materials.
      • Johnny Appleseed planting apple trees across America with his discarded apple cores is another legend.
      • Fay and Dave seemed to have the perfect relationship - they were in love to the core and always had been.
      • One by one, the old reactors can be pulled and the fuel rods disposed of as at present the residual heat left in the radioactive cores is closely monitored by the skilled nuclear engineers operating the new reactor for the next 40 years.
      • Magnetic fields, which are produced by the dynamo effect caused by spinning liquid iron, such as the core of a planet, are found throughout the universe.
      • Not only does it have a paper bank which it has encouraged the whole village community to use, but it also makes its own compost, using the apple cores left over from the children's five-a-day fruit campaign.
      • Using an apple corer, scoop out the cores from the apples.
      • These were irradiated in the core of the nuclear reactor Siloe, Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble, France.
      • As far as I understand it: The two planetary embryos that collided to form the Moon would have already undergone differentiation, sending most of their iron/nickel to their respective cores.
      • It were as if thoughts shared whilst freewheeling down a country lane existed for just those few shameless moments, then could be thrown away, to decay in the hedgerows like the discarded cores of forbidden fruit.
      • Cut four ‘sides’ from each pepper and discard the central core and seeds.
      • On Ghantasala, she said the singer was a perfectionist to the core.
      • The absence of a core in the picked fruit makes raspberries softer and juicier to eat than blackberries.
      • Nine seconds later, 69 boron rods smash down into the hot core of unit two, a nuclear reactor on Three Mile Island.
      • I speak not as a partisan or an opponent of any man or measure, when I say that our politics are rotten to the core.
      • Cut out the tough core, and slice the leaves in thin strips - a food processor would come in handy.
      • Jupiter and Saturn would form in less time than Uranus or Neptune, but Uranus and Neptune's planet cores would probably not have sufficient mass to reach their present size.
      • The whole system of government procurement is utterly corrupt to the core.
      • Sam got up from her seat to throw out her apple core.
      • In the film, plant operators rely on an erroneous reading from a malfunctioning meter to gauge the water level used to cool the nuclear core.
      • The whining pitch of the nuclear cores heightened to a point where the team of soldiers out there dropped their weapons and held their hands over their ears in intense agony.
      • The Earth has an iron core surrounded by a dense layer called the mantle, which is capped with a thin rind of rocky crust.
      • They maintain that the fissile cores are stored separately from the non-nuclear explosives packages, and that the warheads are stored separately from the delivery systems.
      • The stator assembly consists of independently controlled electromagnet cores that are both identical and isolated from each other, and made of soft, magnetic composites.
      • In fact, it has proportionately more iron in it and a bigger core than does the Earth.
      • Slice the courgette and aubergine lengthwise and cut the peppers in four, discarding the core and seeds.
      • The cremation of the royal remains was therefore a catastrophe that shook Malagasy society to the core.
      • In the science journal Nature, scientists have now stated that they have confirmed the presence of a vortex in the Northern Hemisphere deep underground in the earth's molten iron inner core.
      • The scientists compared the time it took seismic waves generated by nearly identical earthquakes to travel through the Earth's inner core.
      • Finally, fluid currents in the Earth's inner core can change the rotation of the planet.
      • Within the core of nuclear reactors, a transmutation-process goes through the sequence of the outer planet-names.
      • The young woodland contains apple, pear and plum trees - all grown, Gordon says, from seeds and cores dropped by visitors, and all tested recently and found to be clear of pollutants.
      • The seed cores were removed from the peppers which were then roughly torn into pieces.
      • Radiation was released, a part of the nuclear core was damaged, and thousands of residents evacuated the area.
      • But diplomats close to the agency said it appeared to be a design for the core of a nuclear warhead.
      • The information from Boston about his ancestor had shaken him to the core.
      • In order to prevent such a disaster, the reactor core also contains control rods.
      • A casting would require a pattern, a core, a mold, and finally casting the part from aluminum.
      • The world is coming to an end because of a dud military experiment and a few brave men and a woman must go boldly into the core of the earth to save the planet.
      • The screens variously arranged around the room gave off an eerie dim blue glow, the type of glow seen in a nuclear reactor core during meltdown.
      • I really feel for the Dutch people, and know that this murder must have shaken them to the core.
      • Ultimately, he found his way back to Athens, but his NYU stint was not to be, and he was shaken to the core.
      • It may also be in part caused by vigorous chemical interaction between the silicate mantle and the iron core.
      • Cut the peppers in half, discard the core and seeds, and slice each half into long, thin fingers.
      • More than a quarter of the core is severely fire-damaged and contains around 15 tonnes of nuclear fuel, some of which melted inside the core.
      • Halve the peppers lengthways, tear out and discard the white core and seeds then lay the peppers cut-side up in a baking dish.
      • The core is divided into two layers: the liquid outer core and - at the Earth's center - the solid iron inner core.
      • He was even convinced that her only friend in the entire city was her agent, something that had shaken her to the core.
      • In time, seismograph recordings enabled geologists to determine that Earth has a dense core surrounded by a slowly flowing mantle and a thin outer crust.
      • Then cut in quarters, remove the cores and seeds.
      • The fuel in the reactor core consists of several tons of uranium.
      • Hot dense matter is in every star and supernova; warm dense matter pervades the cores of large planets like Jupiter and occurs transitionally when a material goes from solid to plasma.
      • Soaked through with sweat and shaken to the core, I faced my first few classes in a traumatised daze.
      • This generator is a small pellet of polonium and beryllium, separated by foil within the fissionable fuel core.
      • After the last note faded away, the audience was still, shaken to the core.
      • The heart of any nuclear reactor is the core, which contains the fuel, a moderator, and control rods.
      • The earth's rotation and convection is supposed to circulate the molten nickel/iron of the outer core.
      • There's a horrible, ringing finality to his words that shakes me to the core.
      • Cut the fennel from top to root into thin slices and cut out the tough core.
      • The containment structure is designed to prevent the release of radioactive materials in case of an accident within the reactor core.
      • They've done everything but put the fissile core in it.
      • Cut the core, seeds and white membranes from the capsicum and cut into chunks.
      • Most modern calculations rely on the fact that we believe the inner core to be made up of iron and nickel that is just about at melting point.
      • And yet scientists have a good idea of when the Earth formed, how quickly the iron core settled to the center of the planet, when oceans began to appear, and so on.
      • But the meeting had shaken Damon to the core and had made him remember his own longing for Death.
      • The planet's electromagnetic field is decaying due to the outer core of the Earth, itself a ball of trillions of tons of liquid metal, having stopped moving.
      • Scientists believe the magnetic field is generated deep inside the Earth where the heat of the planet's solid inner core churns a liquid outer core of iron and nickel.
      • But now, there is a leak in the nuclear core and the only way to fix it is to send a number of men into the radiation chamber, making them very likely to die.
      • Laird was thus able to demonstrate that the support systems around the radioactive core could cope with the most difficult of accident conditions - loss of coolant.

    • 1.2(central, essential part)

      núcleo masculine
      (of problem) meollo masculine
      (subject) básico
      (currency/activity/supplier/values) clave
      a hard core of resistance un foco de resistencia férrea
      • core commodities productos básicos principales
      • core curriculum plan de estudios común
      • a core vocabulary of 1,000 words un vocabulario básico de 1.000 palabras
      • to be core (to sth) ser un factor clave (para algo)
      • PPL's decision, as Scotland on Sunday reported last week, is prompted by £14.2m losses and the need to concentrate on its core activities.
      • Spiritual reality has been the core of my existence, manifesting in how I live my life, the conversations I have with people, and the articles that I write.
      • The stories will change, the core cast of characters will not.
      • His guiding principle is about character at the core.
      • A constant core activity is humanitarian aid - providing medicine and care for the sick, transporting the infirm, buying bricks or roofing material to repair housing.
      • To understand what is going to happen, we must first grasp the core fact of existence.
      • Testino is not only renowned for photographing famous men and women, but capturing the core of their character.
      • Unusually for a long-running series, the core cast of characters in Frasier has remained the same over the years.
      • Other projects such as The Big Idea rely on charitable donations and public grants to carry out the education and outreach work they had planned as part of their core activities.
      • The core characters in Smallville all have intertwining story arcs that carry them to different places during the course of the season.
      • ‘They need to focus on their core food activities,’ said one analyst.
      • While the weekly stories are obviously greater than reality, the core characters themselves always seem pretty normal.
      • Trinity management wanted to concentrate on its core activity and aborted the joint venture with Bonnier.
      • This move takes the company back to its core activity and will allow it to fully concentrate on its faster growing pharmaceutical products business, it said.
      • Conversing and enjoying tidbits of food is the core of the Spanish character.
      • Like its competitors, Nestlé Rowntree is now concentrating on its core activity: making confectionery.
      • Although Barker is larger than life, the character at the core of the narrative is Pele, an exceptionally gifted, free-thinking child.
      • The remaining books in the series feature the same core group of characters with a different story coming to the fore in each one.
      • This management trend is the latest in a line of effective ways of reducing costs and allowing organisations to concentrate on their core activities.
      • The strength of her faith in the power of love is both the blessing and the curse of her character and the core of Malick's difficult, discursive epic.

    • 1.3Computing

      núcleo magnético masculine
      before noun core memory memoria central feminine
      • Naturally both cards had some reserves left in terms of performance by increasing the clockspeed of both the core and the memory.
      • Computer cores have been increasing in speed, and increasingly quickly.
      • Engineering; go and reboot the computer cores.
      • OCGuru allows you to adjust the voltages for both the core and memory, within safe limits, of course.
      • Overclocking was somewhat limited given the high clock speeds of the core and memory.
      • With those gone, I sever the wires that connect the disk drive to my memory core.
      • The core connects to video memory across a 256-bit bus.
      • In a multicore design, it also lets all the cores share the memory controller which adds another incremental benefit.
      • A bus interface enabling communication over a bus between the memory core of the display controller and the microprocessor is included.
      • With the same core and memory speeds, both cards are virtually identical in performance.
      • It was a gigantic application of the first generation of high-speed computers with magnetic core memories.
      • Let's see if I can run the benchmark with my core and memory running 5MHz faster.
      • The graphics core uses shared system memory, of which there will be 128MB.
      • These future innovations include dual processing cores, embedded memory, and software, he said.
      • In some circumstances the system will prompt you to reboot at that point so it can detect the default core and memory speeds of your card.
      • When we moved both the core and memory to the max OC, the tests failed.
      • The 5U ‘low-end’ system with 96 cores and 32GB of memory will start at $89,000.
      • Presently, John was shouting for two technicians to calm down while simultaneously filing digital signals to the computer core.
      • The core clock speed and memory interface speeds of the slower cards have yet to be determined, according to the spokesman.
      • The core and the graphics memory have synchronous clocking equal to 175MHz.

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    • 2.1(of rope)

      mecha feminine
      • Similarly, bringing together the ends of two cables is simple unless those cables have a core diameter many times smaller than a human hair, as is the case with fiber optics.
      • Inner core was jointed to the outer mesh with non-conductive fishing line, and everything was held together with old-fashioned duct tape.
      • Sharks have been known to decide to bite them, there were worms called Teredo worms, which used to like to eat the gutta percha, which was used to insulate the copper wire at the core of the cable.
      • The smaller the core and the poorer electrical conductor its material was, the faster the field would decay.

    • 2.2(of electric cable)

      (feminine (with masculine article in the singular)) alma

transitive verb

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    (apple) quitarle el corazón a
    (apple) quitarle el centro a

Translation of CORE in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kɔː//kɔr/


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