Translation of corkscrew in Spanish:


sacacorchos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔːkskruː//ˈkɔrkˌskru/


  • 1

    sacacorchos masculine
    tirabuzón masculine
    before noun corkscrew curl tirabuzón masculine
    • His colouring was very dark and his features very striking, his hair was a nest of black corkscrew curls and he wore an Australian bush hat.
    • The most noticeable thing about her was the mop of unruly, dirty-blonde corkscrew curls framing her heart shaped face.
    • She had her short brown hair a shade darker than her tan skin, pulled back in a ponytail with the hair curled in corkscrew curls.
    • After a normal flight, we went into a tight, corkscrew dive that sent your stomach up into your throat - and in the case of two passengers, out their mouths and into their laps.
    • He speculated that a ball falling through a hole at the equator would follow a corkscrew trajectory.
    • This uses two giant corkscrew pumps to shift over 7 million gallons of water a day into a holding pond above the main lake.
    • The attractive young lady with corkscrew curls and a floral brooch sits high on the ivory, her large eyes accentuated by heavily outlined lids and eyelashes.
    • His unusual head of red corkscrew curls, his unconventional looks, have attracted some scathing press.
    • A beautiful woman with corkscrew hair, just stared and stared into the distance.
    • I feel guilty that on busy mornings I am taking a regular brush to her corkscrew curls, thereby rendering her mop into something that is very Einstein-like.
    • Neither of these effects would produce a corkscrew flight path.
    • Instead, the person standing on the other side of his screen door was a slim young woman with corkscrew curls and wounded green eyes.
    • It's a sordid story, curly as the 200-plus pound porker's corkscrew tail.
    • Rianna was of an average height with corkscrew strawberry-blond curls and icy blue eyes.
    • Her long honey blond hair was pulled back in half twist, leaving the rest free in corkscrew curls.
    • Blonde corkscrew curls, wide blue eyes, and a simpering smile.
    • He certainly seems to have mellowed, despite his slightly crazed Noddy Holder corkscrew curls and permanent top hat.
    • She hated Dorothy Jo, who had beautiful corkscrew curls, and the whole nine yards.
    • Her corkscrew curls taunt me all through class.
    • At the age of seventy, his blue eyes still twinkle under a mop of corkscrew curls.