Translation of corporal in Spanish:


cabo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrp(ə)rəl//ˈkɔːp(ə)r(ə)l/


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    cabo masculine
    • The others were two married corporals, a single corporal and two unmarried lance-corporals.
    • The Americans - three corporals and one private first class - were from the 4th Ranger Company and had volunteered for a classified mission.
    • He saw privates, corporals, sergeants, and all the other ranks waiting for treatment from anything such as a broken limb, to a gunshot wound to a vital area of the body.
    • He was due to marry his fiancée Debbie this year and was promoted from the rank of lance corporal to corporal only days before his death.
    • Not many youths are interested in assuming the duties of privates or corporals without compensation.
    • The quality of America's Army's leaders, from corporal to general, determines the outcome of ground combat.
    • His colleagues, a major, warrant officer and another corporal, were killed.
    • Maybe he can sell it to generals, but not many privates, corporals and second lieutenants.
    • Early in my 10th Infantry days, a corporal assembled about 30 of us new soldiers from different units for basic close-order drill.
    • However, white-collar has moved from sergeant to corporal in terms of who should be prepared as leaders.
    • He had joined up while still in his teens, seen active service and risen to the rank of corporal in the Royal Army Corps.
    • He then would assign to his men the ranks of sergeant, corporal, private and so on.
    • They marched in twos, first sergeant, then corporal, then the recruits in pairs.
    • All corporals and above should be considered leaders and should be prepared as adaptive, self-aware leaders.
    • The Defence People Committee has endorsed an initiative to offer completion bonuses to selected corporals and sergeants in three critical trades.
    • Buck sergeants, rather than corporals, served as their subordinates.
    • Usually, they move in teams of three to five men, with the senior man being a corporal or sergeant.
    • Squad leaders became buck sergeants in compensation, with a corporal as second in command.
    • The number of officers in a battalion was thus reduced dramatically during the war, sergeants and corporals often taking over tasks normally performed by officers.
    • This is the result of bad leadership, from the top generals right down to those corporals and sergeants and captains who didn't do their duty.