Translation of corporation tax in Spanish:

corporation tax


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    (in UK)
    impuesto a la renta pagado por sociedades
    • Customs, excise, capital and corporation tax also came in lower than projected.
    • The impact, not only of income tax, but inheritance tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax and stamp duty have to be considered.
    • They, in turn, might want to move on such issues as our favourable tax position on corporation tax.
    • Revenue sources said its enquiries are examining liabilities for gift tax, income tax and corporation tax.
    • Pre-budget reports often focus on issues such as corporation tax or income tax.
    • That too was a big mistake: corporation tax is charged on profits, and income tax on dividends paid out of taxed earnings.
    • Make sure that all your corporation tax, PAYE and Vat returns and payments are up to date.
    • British business paid £29.3 billion in corporation tax, the tax on profits, last year.
    • Hunt argued that the present environment did not justify increasing corporation tax, indirect tax or income tax.
    • Around the world, governments are cutting taxes - especially income tax and corporation tax.
    • Labour has also slashed corporation tax, a tax on business profits.
    • Few would argue with the levels of corporation tax or capital gains tax.
    • He also signalled help for manufacturing and other business, with measures including cuts in corporation tax and capital gains tax.
    • Companies making qualifying investments will be able to deduct the full costs in arriving at their corporation tax or income tax bills.
    • Separately, the chancellor announced a freeze on rates of corporation tax and capital gains tax.
    • Behind that is the party's claim that it can do the same on corporation tax and income tax, if Scotland is given ‘fiscal independence’.
    • Customs and excise duties, stamp duties and corporation tax were all ahead of forecasts.
    • The main taxes are income tax, corporation tax and withholding tax.
    • The party wants to raise corporation tax to 15 per cent and impose a levy on financial institutions' profits.
    • Since McCreevy first took office, he has succeeded in reducing income tax, capital gains tax and corporation tax.